Tinder's New Update ft. The Ghosts of Matches Past


As if it wasn’t already awkward enough passing your Tinder matches across the Quad, the app has now launched a new feature to make sure that you just can’t forget about those online hookups — no matter how hard you try! 

Introducing Tinder Feed. Feed, giving you real-time updates about all your matches’ profiles, like when they update their top artist, their anthem, or when they change their profile picture. Now you’ll be able to keep up with your ghosts of swipes past and see if they, too, are yet to find love. 

So now, you’ll know right when Eric, your Tinder match from February who sent you the classic 3:25 a.m. “u up?” message, changes his anthem from Migos’ “Walk It Talk It” to “God’s Plan.” Phew. And, instead of wondering what Jared from stats  (who you only swiped right on to see if he swiped right on you) got on the last stats exam, you can just check your Tinder feed to see that he added two new pics — one of him shot-gunning a beer and one with three Juuls in his mouth at once — and know immediately that he must have aced the test. You’ll also be able to know that your previous match, Olivia, changed her top artist from Tame Impala to Glass Animals just to reinforce the fact that she’s not like other girls

Or, maybe it’s not such a bag thing: among all those rejected matches could be the one who swiped away. Perhaps you thought they were really cute — but you never messaged each other. Then suddenly, they change their favorite song to your absolute favorite Drake song — it’s gotta be fate. You message them the tried and true, “you’ve got good taste in music” text and you stay up late talking about your favorite songs. Soon enough, you’re going to a concert together on Saturday night. Thank you, Tinder Feed. 

So, make of it what you will. Tinder Feed could either be the reason you meet your soulmate, or the reason you delete the app.