Toilet Planter

You've never seen a plant look this shitty

By Madison Schmakel

flowers in a toilet

You've never seen a plant look this shitty before. It's summertime, so enjoy the beauty with freshly "pot"ted flowers and a little twist on a very old idea. It's dirty business, folks.

Materials: Discarded (unloved) porcelain toilet Potting soil Beautiful flowers Cardboard

Step 1 Seek out the old toilet sitting in your dirty neighbor's backyard, drowning in a pile of shit (pun intended).

Step 2 Put on gloves and clean said toilet using some serious Clorox products.

Step 3 Place a piece of cardboard down the tube (at the opening) to close the bottom of the bowl.

Step 4 Pack the toilet bowl with soft, brown...potting soil.

Step 5 Stick your finger in that potting soil. Twist it around, making a hole for the roots of the flowers or plant of your choice. Who wouldn't want to pick their tomatoes out of a toilet?

Step 6 Place the plant in the toilet bowl.

Step 7 Fertilize occasionally. We won't specify how...