Top 5 Addicting iPhone Games



By Raf Stitt

My iPhone has once again taken my social and productive lives hostage. I haven’t managed to look up from my phone, which has resulted in bloodshot eyes, a tired thumb, and constant anxiety. You may be wondering what possibly put me in this position, and the answer is pretty simple: another one of those addicting as fuck iPhone games. This time it’s the 2048 Challenge.

If you don’t know what that is, you’re lucky you still have control of your life, and I would recommend staying away from it. But I’m not too worried, considering I’ll drop this game within the next few weeks and forget it ever existed—just like I did with these old favorites.

Words With Friends: This was the OG. When iPhones were first blowing up three or four years ago, Words With Friends was the game to get. Then we all realized that spelling was for weenies and we could just text our friends if we wanted to talk to them.

Angry Birds: I personally preferred the Star Wars version, but this game also captured our hearts early on in the iPhone’s run to the top—and understandably so. I can’t think of anything more fun than tossing birds from slingshots into towers full of pigs. I’m pretty sure Angry Birds died out when the next game started getting popular. Angry Birds has been green with envy ever since.

Temple Run: This is by far my favorite game on the list. Temple Run was really a game you could get into. It had an easy concept, great graphics, and even greater gameplay. With few weaknesses, it just got overplayed and eventually drifted from our minds. I hope the explorer made it out of that maze eventually.

Flappy Bird: I never hopped on the Flappy Bird bandwagon, but from what I’ve heard it’s one of the most frustrating games you can get on your phone. For some reason, people kept playing it until they got so fed up that they started sending hate mail to the game’s developer.

Candy Crush: This is my least favorite out of all these games—probably because I never played it. I just don’t see the appeal. You move candies around and they disappear? Candy Crush hasn’t seemed to die out just yet, but I’m anxiously waiting for the day that it does. It’s end is near, I know it.

These games have all come and gone, and I’m sure the 2048 Challenge is soon to follow. But it’s here for now, and we have to deal with it. Until the next iPhone game fad catches on…