Trendy Foodie Bites in ‘Cuse


Anyone who lives in Syracuse knows that the food at times can be virtually inedible. Of course the classic Bleu Monkey and Calios are always there to support, but lets be real, they aren’t gourmet and only taste so good because we’re comparing it to the 50 shades of overcooked rice in the dining halls. Recently though, a wave of New York City restaurant trends has started to pop up throughout the 315. Grab your phone and ring light, cause it’s time for some serious Foodstagrams. Original Grain

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If there is anything the Syracuse campus is lacking in, it is healthy alternatives. French fries and wings are never hard to find but if you want a salad you’ve got to go foraging through the campus. Original Grain brings you the hipster Soho vibes on the corner of South Salina Street. The restaurant is decorated with ~vintage~ antiques ranging from cassettes to skateboard wheels. The menu includes bowls, wraps, smoothies, sandwiches and toast. This new addition to the Syracuse menu throws in a healthy mix between binge drinking and ordering Dominos. If you feel like attempting to get fit for summer, this is a great place to start. The lighting is also perfect for pics and the avocado toast rivals Jack’s Wife Frieda’s.

Cathy’s Cookie Kitchen

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Insomnia is great, but if you’re eating that on the nightly, the same #basic flavors get boring pretty quickly. Bring some excitement to your cookie monster lifestyle with this adorable shop in Armory Square. With flavors from s’mores to caramel pretzel you’re sure never to get bored of these homemade treats. The best part about this place? It brings NYC’s “dö” right here. Everyone knows the best part of cookies is the dough, and nothing says homemade like being greeted by Cathy’s adorable kids—if you’re lucky you’ll get to meet them before naptime. Cathy is baking up some edible cookie dough in that kitchen of hers and it is better than the Pillsbury you steal out of the fridge at night.

The Ice Cream Stand

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Even though the weather can’t decide if it’s supposed to be spring or not, you can change your eating habits and hope the sun follows. Scream for ice cream all the way to Liverpool to try ‘Cuse’s most photogenic treat. This year–old hole in the wall prides itself on going local with their ingredients by bringing you coffee from Recess Café and soft serve from Upstate Farms. Take the 18-minute drive for an afternoon snack and be sure to document it. After all, if you don’t post a Snapchat (or the newly trendy Instagram story) of your marshmallow being burnt, did you even go?