True Life: Period Sex Stories


period sex

Your flow shouldn’t break your flow. When you’re having great sex, your period shouldn’t disrupt it. Whether you believe it or not, sex on your period is actually pretty common. Just because Mother Nature came for a visit, doesn’t mean you can’t bang one out quick and dirty. Horniness doesn’t diminish when it’s that time of the month, sometimes, it even accelerates. Needless to say, there’s nothing to be scared of, take it from three of our readers as they share their wildest period sex stories.

1. “I had my period, but I was super horny. Considering that my boyfriend is literally the sweetest human being on Earth, he said it was okay if we didn’t have sex because he knew it was my time of the month, but I didn’t need to use my ‘I’m on my period,’ excuse. I was ready to get it on. Knowing that my period briefly stops in water, shower sex was the way to go. My boyfriend was for it as long as I was, so we hopped in the shower, I pulled my tampon out and we started to go at it. Our shower sex felt like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey, that is until I looked down and the shower floor looked like a murder scene. I looked down and my legs were dripping with blood, I didn’t even acknowledge it until afterwards. My boyfriend didn’t care, I didn’t care, my period clearly didn’t care, life was good.”

- Jane

2. “I decided to hit up my FWB one night and see if he wanted to come over. Obviously, he accepted my invitation. As I freshened myself up, I checked the status of my period –– it was just a touch of left over blood. My hookup arrived, and I felt confident with the near exit of my period. We started to make out and he took off my pants. He began to make his way downtown with his mouth, but nervous that I was still bleeding a touch, I told him to come back up and stick it in already! He didn’t, and continued to go down on me. I couldn’t protest because it felt sooo good. Except a few minutes in, I heard him spit and I asked what was wrong. He said that something gooey came out of me... you can figure out what it was. I was horrified. Safe to say the mood was killed, he left and we never spoke about it again. Thinking about it now, I don’t even care because he was such an asshole about the situation.”

- Mackenzie

3. “It was my first year of college and I was all about the hookup scene. I didn’t care when or with who it was, as long as I was getting it in. My period wasn’t going to stop me from getting the D, so I went out and scoped for my perfect hookup. I was out with my squad and found the guy to spend my night with –– he didn’t go to school here and was just visiting a friend. After a night of drinking and chatting, we went back to my dorm and started to make out, one thing led to another and I hit a homerun. Because I had my period and there was a bit of blood, I told him that he was the biggest I’ve ever had and that he must’ve torn me down there. All in all, I got the dick, he got a little ego boost, and I got to cross sex with a townie off my ‘to do list.’ It was so worth it.”

- Erin

*All names changed to provide anonymity for the sources.