Types of People to Avoid


By Julia Fuino

If asked what your type is, without hesitation, you’d be able to name several of the most desired qualities in another person—cute, funny, smart. But there are also qualities you do not want. Through the several breakups I’ve been through, I’ve learned two things: both what I want and what I don’t want are equally important. I may want someone smart, but do I also want him to be locked in his bedroom playing Call of Duty by day and solving equations by night? Negative.

Those listed below come with exceptions, because everyone is different, but they are on my list of guys to avoid. This also applies to girls, so guys, pay attention.

The Puppy Ex: We all have that one ex that, no matter, what will always see the sun shine out our ass—much like our dogs. They’re too willing and too eager to take us back, no matter how badly we’ve upset them. This is not someone you take back. If they have no respect for themselves and allow us to continuously use and abuse, they need to start loving themselves first. Ultimately, you’re always going to feel like the bad guy and no one needs that. Kyle, a junior, knows all about the Puppy Ex. “This type of person is usually the overemotional and obsessive texter, caller, Facebook chatter, asks you out for coffee all the time. It’s never a good idea to get back involved with someone like this. Even if you weren’t in a relationship, this is the person that will give you a bad name solely by association, and will also probably make you crazy. It’s best just to stay away,” he says.

The Visitor: Never, and I mean never, hook up with someone who is just visiting. This means: if they don’t go to Syracuse University or live anywhere remotely close to your hometown, they are a no-go. Unless of course you’re looking for a one night stand, because that’s all it’s going to amount to. The Visitor comes to Syracuse with one goal in mind: to hook up and have no responsibility toward that person afterward. So if you’re looking for something more, stay far away from Sir Fucksalot. Emily, a sophomore CRS major reflects on a time where she got “mixed up” with The Visitor. “He told me right off the bat that he was from a SUNY school, but he also said he comes to Syracuse almost every weekend. Well, it’s been four months, and he still hasn’t come back. Or maybe he has and I just never heard back from him. It’s disappointing,” she says.

The Ego: When there’s barely enough room to breathe because their ego takes up too much space, chances are, they aren’t the best catch. Look for someone who has more to say than their life story, how great they are, what company their dad owns and how they're guaranteed riches for life. At SU, its pretty easy to spot The Ego, as everyone's daddy here apparently owns something and many people do feel that self-entitlement, even when it is not deserved. Danny, a brother of a fraternity which will remain anonymous, who calls himself a dick says, “I wouldn’t want a girlfriend now to be honest, but if I did, she’d have to be able to put up with me, my lifestyle, and my supposed ‘arrogance.’ Eventually, I’d want someone that would be able to keep me grounded, but like I said, I don’t have what it takes for a committed anything yet. Right now I’m just doing me, you know?” Sounds like the basis of a long-lasting relationship…

The Do-Nothing: Don’t get yourself trapped by someone who doesn’t enjoy life. If they find themselves sitting around on most nights smoking alone and listening to music, you really aren’t going to have much of a life together. You can’t cut pieces of a puzzle to fit; you’ll know if you mesh well with someone and if you don’t. You can’t change a person, so get over it.

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