Undressed: Devon James


By Melissa Goldberg

Nice shoes.

I just got these. These are my Ipaths. They are made of hemp. I found them in Boston at The Hempest.

As a performer, you're in front of people all the time. How does this impact your style?

I don't really think about how others will see me I guess, but I do like to have something that people will remember, like a visual cue.


From your professional musical opinion, what is the best song to have sex to?

Well, it depends what kind of sex it is. Dirty sex, then I would say “Nympho,” this Borgore song. It’s like dubstep. But that’s my style of music. If you’re just talking in general, then “Saeglopur” by Sigur Ros.

The new Britney Spears track has dubstep. Thoughts?

I don’t think an artist should be bound to any certain genre or style. It’s important to experiment and explore your interests in an attempt to find something fresh and innovative. While I am glad to see dance music on the rise, I think that Spears’ new track includes a brief watered-down version of what only some might refer to as dubstep.



What gives you a musical orgasm?

Probably just real dirty, grimy bass that sounds like metal being stretched and pulled apart. Very aggressive, heavy bass sounds.


Whose audience would you rather perform for: Justin Bieber's or Miley Cyrus’?

Justin Bieber’s audience, definitely, because they are all pre-pubescent teenage girls. That’s my favorite. If you look at my Twitter, I’m now accepting applications for girls 17 years and younger who would like to lose their virginity [laughs]. That’s a joke. Don’t want to say anything incriminating [laughs].

Lady Gaga has openly discussed being musically influenced by drugs. What inspires your own?

Well, we are not called Chemicals of Creation for no reason, so take that as you will. But no, I work for a group called Students For Sensible Drug Policy here on campus. I think people should be free of punishment from recreational drug use or experimentation, especially as young adults, as people with minimal responsibilities. As long as they are being responsible and not hurting anyone, I think that it’s fine to experiment with chemicals.