Undressed: Hannah Pimpis

By Kelly Peters

I can't help but notice your rings, especially the one of the bear.

I don't feel fully dressed if I'm not wearing earrings or rings. This bear ring is definitely my favorite. I bought it in Hampton Beach, N.H., which is the New England equivalent of the Jersey Shore. I'm pretty sure it was intended for a dude. I get a lot of compliments on it—my favorite was when Anthony Green from Circa Survive told me it was awesome.

What's the story behind the tattoos?

The tattoo on my arm says, "Live free or die, kid." "Live free or die" is the New Hampshire state motto, but I would have gotten it even if I weren't from N.H. I added the "kid" as a sort of reference to Humphrey Bogart's "Here's looking at you, kid." I know a lot of people with "Live free or die" tattooed on them, and I wanted it to be more personal for me.

I like the hummingbird next to it.

I have no idea why I have that. I'm going to change it to a great white shark…somehow.

Your outfit's pretty un-definable.

I borrow from a lot of different ideas. I wouldn't say I have a definite style because I feel like I wear a lot. Right now fashion is really geared toward bringing back the greatest trends from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and I am so down for that. If I see a certain style I admire from a different decade or a different part of the world, I tend to take notes and sort of mix that in with my own style.

I hear you have a pen name.

A lot of people like my last name, but I'm not really feeling using it professionally. A few years ago I came up with a pen name that I intend to use with my film work, artwork, writing, etc. I don't normally give it out because it allows me a certain anonymity when I blog about stupid shit. Right now I'm working on a pop culture blog called "This Bitch" where I might use another pen name. Who knows. I'm just not trying to be "Pimpis" for the rest of my life.

I really love your dress.

People always ask me—why are you so dressed up? But this is just how I always dress. I actually don't wear pants that often. I try to stay away from pants, unless I have to.