Veterans' Writing: I Sat with the Dark This Morning

eI67Vu1zKWyaQGFMMtXrPN3ItAr78zpgpgcls3M-Wbs I Sat with the Dark This Morning by Jennifer Jeffery + Photo by Chaz Delgado

Why is everyone so afraid of the dark? scrambling for the light usually leads to cursing stubbed toes anyway What is so hard about sitting with the dark for a while? Dark chocolate Dark skin Dark blankets for stars to nestle in

Next time the shadow knocks, let him in embrace him like an old friend offer a chair by the fire for resting his bones give him something to drink and feed him listen to his wisdom and look him in the eyes see the reflection of yourself there sit with the dark until the embers burn low I sat with the dark this morning…

Why do boys need christening gowns, but ever after aren’t allowed to be vulnerable?

Why do girls need to be silent to be good, but aren’t allowed to be known as fierce?

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