We’ve Got Your Back(pack)


Photo by Chaz Delgado If you’re the type who carries way too much stuff but hates purses (like yours truly), backpacks are your best friend. They’re hands free, great for on the go, and you can easily store all your essentials. The people that say, “I definitely don’t need this but I might, so I’m just going to bring it anyway” clearly fit the backpacker description. If you’re a guy and can’t pull off a man bag with the same confidence as Joey circa that one episode of Friends, don’t fret, these backpacks are the best solution to that problem. Here at Jerk, we recognize that each backpack is unique and says a lot about its wearer. These are their stores.

The Trendy Mini Backpack











Ladies, this is the backpack you use when you only have your wallet, cellphone and maybe lipstick BUT no pockets. You might own a polaroid camera if you’ve got one of these, and you can regularly store it in your mini backpack. This bag’s small enough that it’s basically the same as carrying a cross–body purse. In fact, they even make cross–body purses that look like backpacks if you’re into that. BUT if you’re dead–set on using a mini back pack to carry your handful of belongings, here are some cute options.

The “I go to Music Festivals” Backpack



If not anywhere else, you’ve definitely seen this Camelbak water backpack on a shirtless boy at an EDM festival, possibly while he’s moshing along to Diplo. Hydration is definitely a major key at festivals so this bag is definitely your buddy.




Did someone say Coachella, or am I just that sleep deprived that I’m starting to hear things? Whatever the case, if you’ve been to any sort of music festival ever, you’ve probably seen one of these backpacks. This clear backpack is a staple for that one girl who somehow ends up carrying all her other friends’ shit by the end of the day. The benefit of this bag is you can always see your stuff, which also means that everyone else might too, but hey, at least it’ll always go with your outfit.


Bottomless Backpacks












If you’re looking for sleek functionality, these are the backpacks that will carry your essentials and then some while still killing it. Stuck in Bird during finals? Throw a snack in one of these packs! Is the zombie apocalypse happening? Pack everything you need to survive and maintain the existence of humans! With everything you’ll be able to fit in there, your friends will start to think you’re Mary Poppins. They’re practical, without sacrificing style, and although these bags do boast a heftier price tag, it’s definitely worth it to have an everyday backpack that will stand the test of time.

The Indie Art Student Backpack


If you’re economically conscience and like picking up litter on your way to classes, you and this Patagonia bag are a match made in biodegradable heaven. It’s made of 100% recyclable materials and it can double as a great hiking bag because you probably spend 96.7% of your time being one with ~nature~.





If you’re a hipster and an ordinary pronounceable brand name backpack just isn’t going to cut it, we have just the thing for you. This fjallraven kanken backpack is big enough to fit all your art supplies, but small enough for people to know you’re definitely not studying anything conventional in college.