What Your Favorite Disney Channel Artists Are Working On Now

Photo Courtesy of Joe Jonas Remember Selena Gomez before she dated Biebs and when Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas starred in Camp Rock? These stars have all come a long ass way since Disney Channel and each has broken away from the "Disney way."

Demi and Selena each released a new album this month and we all know that the Jo-Bros are no longer a thing– Nick and Joe are killin’ it on their own. And then there’s Sabrina Carpenter, a new Disney star who plays the modern take on Boy Meets World's Sean in Girl Meets World. She’s also recently became a solo singing act, how typical. Let’s have a closer look at what all of these stars are up to now.

Selena Gomez


On October 6th, Selena released Revival, which is only her third solo album. Revival features ASAP Rocky in Selena’s single, “Good For You,” which has been playing on the radio nonstop. “Me & the Rhythm” is another single to check out, which is equally as poppy and catchy in usual Selena fashion. Other news about Selena is that she recently revealed that she was diagnosed with Lupus and has been enduring chemotherapy. In 2013, Selena cancelled a part of her tour… and now we know the reason. Rumor has it that Biebs supported her through it all.

Joe Jonas


Joe is now the front man of the music group, DNCE. Although they’ve only released two songs as of now: “Cake By the Ocean,” and “Japanese Ninja,” these two songs are FAF (fun as fuck). My roommates and I play “Cake By the Ocean” on repeat when we get ready for the night. The group lives up to it’s name… this song will make you want to dance.

Nick Jonas


Throwback to when Nick Jonas was on our campus and girls stole his silverware from Funk N Waffles. Nick only really has one solo album, and while it’s self-titled, almost every song on it either has become a single or will become one soon. “Chains” and “Jealous” are his most well known songs. However, “Avalanche,” which features his brother’s ex, Demi Lovato, is also a hit jam. Nick has the best songs that you can belt in your car and his Instagram is a definite follow.

Demi Lovato


Demi's new album, Confidence, came out on October 16th and with Demi’s “Fresh-Face” campaign, she has all the confidence in the world and wants that for girls everywhere. Demi posts Instagram pictures of her without make-up, empowering other girls to do the same so that they feel more confident in their own skin. Her album features the hit song, “Cool for the Summer,” but “Confidence” and “Kingdom Come” featuring Iggy Azalea are close seconds as songs I suggest listening to. Demi’s vocals are powerful and you won't stop singing along to this album.

Sabrina Carpenter


The new star of Disney. Like most Disney Channel stars, Sabrina started off as an actress, but is now doing big things with her singing career. Her album, Eyes Wide Open, was released in April and the same-titled single, “Eyes Wide Open,” is brain-washingly popular. Sabrina’s songs have that typical poppy Disney feel for now, but who knows, maybe she’ll end up like Miley. Other songs to listen to in this album include “We’ll Be the Stars” and “Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying."

You know what they say, "Nothing Disney can last forever." I guess these stars prove there's still hope after teenage stardom… for now.

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