What's Your "Sex Number?"

Photo by Erica Mack When it comes to sex, everyone wonders the same thing about other people—what’s your number? In keeping with the standard fashion of humanity, everyone wants to know if their “number” is normal. So how many sex partners is "normal" for SU students?

Student A

Age: 19.

Number of sexual partners: 6

Do you wish it was higher or lower? Not really, I don’t really think about it that much.

Does it matter? No, when you find someone that you can have great sex with the past doesn’t really matter.

According to National Center for Health Statistics women have an average of four sex partners during their lifetime. Men have an average of seven (*cue frat boys laughter*). But in reality, your "number" is nothing but a number. If you’re getting some, good for you. If you’re not, go get some.

Student B

Age: 20.

Number of sexual partners: 2

Do you wish it was higher or lower? Sometimes I wish it was higher just so I didn’t sound like a prude so much of the time. But I mean, in the long run does it really matter? I feel like the people who actually care about the number are just trying to prove something.

Does it matter? Not really. As long as you’re happy, who cares about any number.

Counting how many people you’ve had sex with and pretending like it matters is equivalent to counting how many people were in your kindergarten class and pretending like it matters. They are both equally irrelevant.

Student C

Age: 21.

Number of sexual partners: 13

Do you wish it was higher or lower? Sometimes I’m concerned people think I sleep around too much, but in the end I’m the one having a ton of great sex, not them.

Does it matter? No. I use a condom every time and I have fun every time. I’m young and should be exploring my sexuality.

In short, there are no fuckin’ rules. Sleep with however many people make you happy. You shouldn’t have to report your sex life to anyone but yourself, hombres. Stay cool and stay sexy.