When is Enough Actually Enough?


By Laura Cohen

After the honeymoon phase at the beginning of any relationship, you will probably realize your significant other is not as perfect as you once thought. We all have our flaws, but there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s just not.

I’m not talking about when to stay or go based on your safety, self-respect, morals, etc. You heard about that in high school health class. I’m talking about the sticky situations, the tough spots, when you just aren’t sure whether it’s worth it or not.

Situation: They get really into the game. Every Sunday.

Solution: “It’s best to just deal with the yelling, screaming, and complete focus that happens whenever a big game is on,” Zack Molle, a freshman broadcast and digital journal major said. “I'm a big sports fan, and during those games, I'm not going to respond to pretty much anyone, so it's not just the one girl. But it's the same thing as when a girl is watching crap television like Jersey Shore and she's sucked into that and doesn't respond.” If you can’t respect each other’s interests, you probably don’t respect each other.

Situation: They’re attached to their phone, constantly texting, calling, and tweeting.

Solution: Your partner may not even realize how annoying their behavior is. It’s best to just address the problem, according to Nick Hancock, a sophomore biology and forensic science major. “I think mentioning it can help solve the issue by letting the person know it annoys me and makes me feel like she doesn’t want to hang out with me,” Hancock said. If the problem persists, it’s time to say TTYL.

Situation: Your styles of clothing are so different people can’t even grasp that you’re together.

Solution: “I might suggest other clothes for certain events, like you shouldn’t wear ripped clothing to a formal event,” Sandeep Fourkanti, a senior biology major, said. “But if I’m dating a girl, I obviously like her, so I wouldn’t change her.” Hopefully you’ll both spend more time out of those clothes anyway.

Situation: He or she likes to drink…A lot.

Solution: Everyone likes to have a good time, but if their drunken antics make you uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to make a change. “If I made my ex-boyfriend quit smoking after he used to smoke seven times a day, anyone can stop their partner from excessive drinking,” Beth Zarpentine, a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, said. “You have to make them see that if they don’t give up on their drug, you’ll give up on them.”

Situation: They’re pretty much an asshole to strangers.

Solution: Dating someone who’s straight up rude to waiters, salespeople, and their peers is just embarrassing. No one wants to be associated with a bad attitude. “Disrespect for anyone should be a dating red flag,” Tara Brenner, a junior math and biochemistry major, said. It’s worth talking to your partner about, but if it’s an ingrained behavior, it’s best to say peace out.

Situation: They are obsessed with their image.

Solution: Whether it’s constantly applying makeup or hitting the gym three times a day, it’s exhausting to date someone so focused on his or her appearance. “It’s very annoying when it takes someone so long to get ready because they need to look perfect,” Justin Castro, a junior electrical engineering major, said. “It shows they’re not confident.” If they seem more in love with themselves than you, abandon ship.

Situation: It takes them forever to return your calls, with no excuse.

Solution: This is just plain shady. “You should have a reason, or else you’re just being disrespectful,” Sean McFadd, a freshman psychology major, said. “If someone is avoiding their partner like that, it just proves they aren’t committed.” If it happens more than twice, it’s time to walk away. You’re not a doormat.

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