Why Everyone Should Invest in a Good PJ Set


Let’s face it: it’s time to throw away those 7-year-old sweatpants that you stole from your older sister when you were in middle school. College is a time to look your best at all hours of the day. We’ve all heard the quote, “dress for success.” Now it’s time to taken that mantra to a whole new level. You may not be a believer in wearing jeans to class on a daily basis, but when it comes to sleepwear, things get pretty serious. It’s vitally important to look cute all the time, especially at 4:00 a.m, when you’re trudging to the bathroom, half dead and totally out of it. Maybe that cute boy that lives three doors down from you shares your 4 a.m. late-night bathroom habit. Whatever it may be, you definitely do not want to be seen in an old, ripped tank top and pajama pants that just don’t fit right.

One year ago, that was me, troubled and lost in my old middle school dance t-shirt and stolen sweatpants. But recently, I have decided to spruce up my sleepy time wardrobe, and I’ll never go back to my old ways. Keep reading to find out how you can do the same!




If you are not entirely ready to say goodbye to your favorite comfy clothes, a fuzzy bathrobe is the way to go! Throw it on over any old t-shirt and you’re ready for a midnight bathroom run or spontaneous trips to the vending machine, no matter whom you may run into on the way. 









If you’re feeling ready to jump right into the world of PJ sets, check out this super cute velvet duo. It’s cozy, soft and you’re bound to catch the sleepy eyes of that special someone living three doors down from you – even if they don’t know you exist. A long-sleeve and pant set is also ideal for this crazy Syracuse weather.  








If you’re a more understated person, try matching a plain sweatshirt with a cute pair of pants or joggers! PJ sets are meant for mixing and matching to create tons of different combos. This duo is especially great because it’s so simple that you can roll right out of bed in the morning at 7:55 a.m. and right into your 8:00 a.m. 










If you’re more traditional when it comes to PJ’s, this style set is definitely for you. A classic button down shirt and striped pattern is about as classic as you can get. You’ll still look stylish in the communal bathroom, while feeling comfy and cozy as can be once you snuggle under the covers.  










If you tend to go traditional, but want to have a stylish edge, check out this lip smackin’ PJ set! With the bright, pink lipstick pattern embroidered onto a white background, you are bound to stand out against all those black-on-black outfits in your dorm hallway after a late night. 








If you are really looking for a conversation starter, I would certainly invest in this dog pattern, button down pajama set. You can ask your cute neighbor what his favorite dog is on your PJ’s and he will certainly never forget you after that encounter! If you truly love your pet, these pajamas are perfect for you.  






If after reading this article you have decided that PJ sets just aren’t for you, one of the most comfortable and well-known pajama set brands, PJ Salvage, has still got you covered – literally. From cute blankets to cozy socks to some interesting sleep masks, you are certainly not a lost cause. Sleeping in style has never been easier with these cozy products, and you can even keep those old sweats! 

Perhaps you’re into this smoochy blanket for all of your late night rendezvous… 

A sunglass-styled sleep mask to block all the haters…  

And some super fluffy slippers to brighten up your night!