Wigging Out


Photo by Chaz Delgado x Gabriella Dizon In case you haven’t heard, wigs are in. But are wigs practical enough for everyday people, or better left in the ranks of the Kardashians?

kylie-jenner-wig-green-interview-rex-lead-2Kylie Jenner infamously credited herself in a “Marie Claire” interview saying, “I started wigs, and now everyone is wearing wigs” (she also has a “wig guy,” in case you were wondering because that’s a thing that exists). While isn’t exactly the creator of a wig revolution, she has been known for her rainbow colored tresses, which can change daily from sea foam green to cotton candy blue and pink. Her wig collection ranges from long locks to blunt bobs, and last year she even launched her own line of luxury hair extensions.

But is this vibrant synthetic hair really suitable for the rest of us on any given day? While not everyone may be able to pull off a colorful “do” like a celeb can, wigs can be fun and functional if you want to temporarily switch up your look. If you’re on the fence about going blonde or trying out a colorful ombré, a wig can help you achieve the same look without making the full commitment. Thinking about bangs (despite the warnings of all your closest friends)? Cut them on a wig to see what they look like.

The biggest thing to remember is to keep it as natural looking as possible. If you’re going for colorful, try to find a wig that has roots similar to your natural hair color. Also, try not to deviate from your actual hairline, and avoid wearing the wig straight from the package. Have it styled (or style it yourself) first to help it look more natural.

Several fashion designers have featured wigs in their fall runway shows. Moschino styled their models with 60’s inspired, bobbed wigs, and New York-based label Georgine put its models in Debbie Harry-esque wigs. Marc Jacobs turned heads this season when he sent his models down the runway in full-blown dreadlocks wigs. Jacobs’ show immediately sparked negative criticism from the Black community who called him out on culturally appropriating black culture. He took to Instagram to combat the criticism, saying, “I don’t see color or race—I see people.” Great, Marc. Because colorblindness is totally an acceptable answer these days.


Sans the cultural appropriation, wigs are an awesome new fashion trend (if you can afford it). While they have been popular with women of color for a long time, designers and celebrities have begun to encourage their use universally.

Wigs are a great way to constantly keep people guessing. Lace front wigs and human hair wigs are some of the more quality styles that tend to seamlessly match your hairline and color. If you get a lace front wig, be sure that it matches your skin tone to avoid mishaps. Consider using some wigs to experiment with different colors, textures and styles. Although it might take some investment and effort to really nail the look, it’s worth putting in the money over a cheap or damaging alternative. Who knows, maybe wigs are the path to more natural hair care!

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