Yes, You Can Look Good Without Wearing Extremely Tight Clothes


b4d159376549b240125a7f2ea8db37d0 2 That awkward moment when your jeans are feeling a little tight and you’ve gotta suck in your stomach to zip them up… Yup, we’ve all been there.

Our generation has come a long way in terms of fashion. We have recycled and renewed retro trends from the past and reinvented new styles by fueling innovation in fashion. However, many of these trends are literally “suffocating” our bodies in order to portray a certain idea of beauty that we believe is the norm. For example, the tighter the dress is, the sexier you are, and the tighter your jeans are, the skinnier you look.

San Diego based photographer Justin Bartels used this idea as inspiration to create a series of photos titled IMPRESSION. This collection documents a group of women’s bodies after they have taken off extremely tight clothing. The marks that the clothes left on women present a powerful message about the impact of conforming to society’s perception of beauty.

Bartels’s project serves as social commentary on the fucked up standards of beauty and the stigma surrounding body image. It’s interesting to think that women often times still object themselves to too tight clothing, despite how uncomfortable they may be, in order to attract or impress others.

Fashion is about what makes you feel confident and comfortable at the same time. Figure-hugging, form-fitting clothes can have their sex appeal, but the attitude behind the person wearing them has to come from the inside out. Restricting silhouettes are not only uncomfortable, but they can also look awkward on your body if you don’t even feel confident in it. Here are some fashion pieces that are not restricting on the body but will still allow you to exude confidence and sexuality.

1 .Romper


This little number is flowy and effortless, perfect for spring and summer (even though Syracuse is not quite there yet). Rompers are absolutely great for casual summer days and music festivals because they are breathable and light. The print on this one is also very boho-chic inspired (very on trend right now).

2. Jumpsuit


This vibrant, sheer jumpsuit is the perfect transitional piece from colder to warmer weather because of the length and coverage. Even though it is a long jumpsuit, the material keeps it lightweight and breathable.

3. Kimono


Every girl needs to have a kimono because they’re so versatile and effortlessly chic. This floor-length kimono will go with any outfit and is another great selection for music festivals. This statement piece can serve as a cover-up at the beach because it will give you just enough coverage to enjoy a nice tan.

4. Dress


Dresses don’t have to be skin tight to be sexy. This stunning piece will steal the spotlight for whatever occasion you choose to rock this for. All the details on this dress are TO DIE FOR. The bejeweled neckline accentuates and accents your neck, especially from the back. The sexy, exposed back part of the dress completes the whole look in a sophisticated and classy manner. The simplicity of this dress is really what makes this dress so gorgeous and timeless.

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