Your Must-Have Summer Gadgets


By Shea Garner

It’s the second week of May, so it’s pretty safe to say you’re either already on summer break, finishing up a half-week of finals, or prepping for Maymester. Regardless, summer is quickly approaching. While many girls whose daddies own hedge funds will be spending the majority of their vacations in Cancun or the Caribbean doing shots of tequila with cabana boys, the rest of the student population will most likely either be working or interning.

Let’s be honest, enjoying summer to its fullest extent would probably involve limiting cell phone use, getting off the Internet, and enjoying the beautiful weather with family, friends, and flings. JERK suggests closing your laptop and picking up these summer gadgets instead.

Sony Cybershot J10 | These multicolored Cybershot J10s feature built-in USB connector and PMB Portable software to make it easier for you to upload and share photo – plus, they’re waterproof! The camera can shoot both still and video, and is perfect for the beach. Just don’t let any sandy sex photos end up on the Color app.

New Android OS | An updated version of Google’s Android operating system, appropriately codenamed “Ice Cream,” is rumored to drop in June or July. While features are still being confirmed, the open sourced system is expected to be quite revolutionary. The latest official Android OS release is Gingerbread, version 2.3. Clearly, someone in the office has a sweet tooth.

3D TVs | While TV is one thing to stay away from in sunny, 90-degree weather, you’re bound to have some rainy days. New 3D flatscreens from Samsung and Sony provide the latest in 3D home technology. Now that ESPN broadcasts in 3D, you’ll be putting that new Beertender to good use, too. Just don’t let anyone catch you watching 3D Asian porn.

BeerTender | Whether it’s on the deck after a long day of work – or on the beach after a long day of sitting of the beach – nothing is more refreshing than a cold bottle of beer. The Krups BeerTender refrigerates mini-kegs on tap and has a readable LCD display that monitors temperature and freshness.

Do you try to limit your tech use over the summer to maximize sun time? (Even though there’s probably an app for getting a tan.) Let us know by commenting below.