10 Halloween Do’s and Don’ts Every 'Cuse Student Should Know


10_28_Happenings 1. Don’t: Think that Halloween is only a one-day thing. If you are not fully celebrating both Hallo-weekends, you are doing something seriously wrong.

2. Do: Wear costumes Thursday through Saturday for both Halloweekends, even if you are not attending a Halloween party. It doesn’t matter if you’re the only person in Lucy’s with cat ears on Thursday, the important thing is that you are truly getting in the spirit. Much like Buddy the Elf believes that Christmas cheer can be spread loud for all to hear through Christmas carols, Halloween cheer can be spread through the constant use of Where’s Waldo costumes #basic.

3. Do: Spend hours on Pinterest searching for super clever and crafty group costume ideas that no one will actually get around to making... aka not Where’s Waldo.

4. Don’t: Let your parents come for parents weekend. Scheduling parents weekend on Halloween weekend is simply a ploy by the University to crush our holiday spirit — don’t give in to The Man! Having mom and dad on campus is uncomfortable enough, and when their presence is combined with a weekend that requires less clothing and more alcohol than the average (but really, what is the average at the No. 1 party school?), things will reach a new level of weird.

5. Do: Wear a costume to class. Definitely do this, actually, please, someone do this.

6. Don’t: Become seriously attached to your fairy wand or pimp cane. They will be long gone before you even realize you have left the pre-game.

7. Don’t: Drunkenly eat every single piece of candy your roommate’s mom sent them. If you’re not already in a sugar coma from the weird orange mixed drinks you consumed all night, you now definitely will be, and waking up surrounded by Butterfinger wrappers will bring the shame you feel about last night to a new level.

8. Do: Wear your costume with enthusiasm. Costumes let you pretend to be something you are not for a little while, so why not get really into it? If you are a cowgirl, make sure to jump on top of everything and anything that resembles a horse with your best “YEE-HAW”. If you are a firefighter, it is perfectly acceptable to play Sean Kingston’s fire burning while dumping drinks on top of people in order to extinguish them.

9. Don’t: Let anyone without a costume go unnoticed. These people, who sometimes disguise themselves in T-shirts with lame slogans such as “I left my costume at the cleaners,” are the ultimate fun-suckers and should not be tolerated. If you spot one, it is important to either donate a piece of your costume to them or give them a lecture on the amazing opportunities a college experience provides.

10. Do: Trick or Treat at Chancellor Kent’s house, preferably at 3 a.m. on the way home from whatever event you have been drinking at for the past five hours. Rumor has it he loves nightly visitors!