From Your iPhone to Your Wardrobe: Emoji Fashion


3016256-inline-screen-shot-2013-08-23-at-75444-am A picture says a thousand words, but what about emojis? Emojis have become the most on-point translation of how we express ourselves through text and web communication. Now, they have made their way to the fashion industry as statement pieces for many fashion bloggers. These texting staples are printed on T-shirts, pants, skirts, accessories, and anything else you could imagine.

The question is, why would people want to wear smiley faces and poop symbols on themselves? There are a lot of questionable things that people of our generation wear — jeggings, Crocs, and Uggs, to name a few — but emojis tees have got to be a new one. If you think that YOU embody the sassy hair flip girl or the nail polish emojis, you will definitely want to invest in some of these up-and-coming designers’ clothes.

1. O-Mighty

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You may have heard of this Singapore-based brand for their infamously outrageous clothing sported by celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Iggy Azalea, Katy Perry, and Azealia Banks. Their new collection of emoji prints consist of all the emoticons we can personally relate to. From crop tops to skater skirts, O-Mighty’s got you covered! These trendy statement pieces will surely amp up your street style as automatic head turners.

2. Philip Normal


This London-based brand launched its highly popular emoji shirts on its online store in 2013 and has had immense success in the fashion industry since. Their best seller at the moment is the Dancing Emoji T-shirt, which has the sassiest of all emojis printed all over the t-shirt. I mean, lipstick and dancing twins — how much sassier could you get? #AboutThatLife

3. Lizzie Kingdom


With a little twist on the emoji trend, this UK-based brand has emojis embroidered all over its high-waisted jeans. Easily dress these jeans up with a button down shirt and a cozy knit sweater, perfect for the fall season. If you are going for a more casual look, a plain T-shirt will suffice simply because the jeans itself are such a bold statement already. Pencils, pineapples, palm trees, and peace sign emojis all ooze of that 90s retro vibe the brand is best known for.

Scroll through Instagram and you will already see loads of pseudo-but-not-really-hipsters rocking these emoji clothing that are really on trend right now. But is this trend here to stay or is it just another quickie? Seems like this controversial trend may need some time to prove that it is not just a fad.

Feeling some type of way about this trend? Let us know in the comments down below whether you love it or hate it!

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