Taking on Christmas Personalities


Once Thanksgiving passes and November comes to an end, the Christmas season finally begins! To some, Christmas began long before Thanksgiving. To others, it cannot be January soon enough, so the tree can come down, the Christmas music will stop playing, and the jolly attitudes will end. Whether you love Christmas, hate it, or simply don’t bother with it, you can’t avoid the Christmas movies flooding the TV channels right now. The meaning to all Christmas movies follow the themes and clichés of all the others, and while you can basically find the same characters in every single one of them, you might be able to find these tropes in your own life this holiday season. Before the 25th of December comes and goes, make sure to watch all the movies and criticize each of your friends for being one of the following.

The Ebenezer Scrooge:


Being “the Scrooge” of your group of friends is not a compliment. I’m sorry but even if you don’t celebrate Christmas I’m still not really sure how you could loathe the holiday, unless you don’t have a heart. In which case you have bigger things to worry about than being classified as “the Scrooge.” Be sure to get those Mariah Carey sound cancelling earplugs ready.

The Mickey and Minnie couple


The holiday season, also referred to as “cuffing season” is the time for couples to thrive. As if they don’t already flood social media sites enough with pictures of themselves being cheesy AF, December is their month to rub in the faces of those that are single that they have someone to cuddle with and buy gifts for. Good for you if you’re in a great relationship this holiday, but just know a lot of people are probably saying bitter things about you behind your back. (Harsh, I know.)

Buddy the Elf


You wake up to Christmas music. You do homework listening to Christmas music. You even pregame to Christmas music. You constantly try to get others to be as excited for Christmas as you are and have a countdown started months in advance. You might put candy canes in your spaghetti. If this sounds like you, you’re definitely the Buddy the Elf of your group. I’d take this as a very good compliment.


The Protagonist in the Polar Express


(No, he doesn’t have a name.) Though everyone roots for him in the movie, this kid is actually quite a downer. His lack of belief in Santa Claus and Christmas in general is unfortunate. At least Scrooge is old, but this guy still has so many more Christmases. If you relate with this character from The Polar Express you are the skeptic of the group and quite honestly probably not that fun to be around.


The Grinch


Yes, the Grinch might be similar to Scrooge, but he also resembles much more than just someone who lacks Christmas spirit. He eats the holiday food when he’s bored and enjoys being by himself. If you stuff your face at family gatherings and avoid making eye contact with your great grandma, I’d classify you as the Grinch. Extra points if you have an extremely self-deprecating sense of humor.


Regardless of who you identify with, try to make the most of the holiday season. Before we know it, it will be April and we will still be trekking to class in the snow. At least the cold weather now can be linked to some holiday cheer. Let’s think of the positives people. Oh and Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.