3 Original DIY Halloween Costumes


10_14_Style PSLs, horror movies, candy, and skimpy costumes — basically sums up what the infamous holiday we call Halloween is all about. Halloween is coming up and naturally you’re contemplating pulling the most basic trick in the (burn) book, a sexy mouse again #MeanGirls. But trust me, there are other ways to dress on the risqué side for Halloween, but let’s be more creative this year, shall we? *Insert sassy girl flipping hair emoji.* As college students, we are always on a budget and ain’t nobody got time to go to Destiny USA for Halloween outfits. In desperate times like these, do-it-yourself costumes are the more original and cheapest option. Here are some DIY costume ideas we have compiled for peasants like you to survive this year’s Halloween without looking ratchet.

Where’s Waldo?


Everyone owns a red striped shirt. If for some reason you don’t have one in your wardrobe , they are also extremely easy to mimic with fabric markers (even though that’s looks kind of cheap ­— but gotta do what you gotta do). Nerd glasses are also very easy to find, because we all went through that phase of “stealing” the 3D glasses from the movie theater. Next, you need a red or white beanie, also something that is reasonable to have in your closet already. To complete the look, wear some jorts and high socks for a retro look and to make the outfit more stylish. For the guys out there, go with some cutoff distressed shorts. Girls, stick with high waisted shorts, because those are probably the only type of shorts you own anyway.



Disney princesses are common Halloween costumes for girls, but those are also difficult to pull off and DIY. Pinocchio is a unisex costume that can be cute on both guys and girls. If you want to go for the preppy look on Halloween, this is the costume for you. All you need is a yellow button down shirt, blue bow tie, black vest, and red shorts. For bonus points, throw on some suspenders to amp up the outfit. Girls can have their own variation of this outfit and it’s pretty simple — just shrink and shorten everything, obviously.

The PowerPuff Girls


Pair up with two of your best friends and become the ultimate crime-fighting superheroes for a night. This Halloween costume is literally so easy that anyone can pull it off — hello, color block mini-dresses, black belt, and white tights. This one is a no brainer and will definitely be one of the most original outfits out that night!

At the end of the day, YOU DO YOU, BOO BOO! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Show off your costume swag with Jerk by using the hashtag #JerkOrTreat and tag @jerkmagazine.

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