Screw Apples, It’s Marina Season


936full-marina-&-the-diamonds-3 From the moment you press play, it’s as if you’ve been placed into a video game-sounding trance. That is soon accompanied by the cooing of the song’s title “Froot.” The ‘80’s-inspired track is nothing this generation has quite done with music. It’s none other than Marina and the Diamonds, and she’s fucking BACK.


Marina Diamandis, aka. Marina and the Diamonds, released her title track entitled “Froot” via YouTube on Friday after months of anticipating new material. And let me tell you, this shit is BANANAS (sup, Gwen Stefani?). Many of us Diamonds/Lonely Heart Club members didn’t think that Marina would release music again after she said that she had “bankrupted” her label (Neon Gold Records/Atlantic Records) and delved into the fashion world with 11 Diamonds. We thought she was a goner, but thank God we were wrong.

You might be wondering, why the fuck is this bitch singing about fruit? This ain’t the Wiggles... Well, Nicki Minaj wasn’t spitting game about snakes either! With Marina, everything is done elaborately (go big or go home), so of course she had to create this initially-hard-to-dissect metaphor which is pretty open to interpretation. Depending on how dirty your mind is (yes, you) it could be about her readiness for the D (don’t worry, she clearly loves this dude) or her epic comeback to the spotlight. Don’t believe me? Okay, we are going to pick “Froot” apart.

Verse 1: “This ain’t my first time at the rodeo”

Means: Sorry babe, but I’ve been on a few test drives.

Or: I am not new to this bizz

Verse 3: “Baby I am plump and ripe/ I’m pinker than Shepherd’s Delight/ Sweet like honeysuckle late at night”

Means: .............

Or: I am READY for this comeback, more ready than ever.

Bridge: “Ready to be juiced/ juiced, juiced”

Means: She is eager to get plowed

Or: Okay… Okay… she is ready to get back into the pop music game.

Verse 4: “Bird and worms will come for me/ The cycle of life is complete”

Means: SHE WANTS IT, and if you don’t take action now, she’s gonna ‘give it’ to some skeezball.

Or: If she doesn’t get this show on the damn road, she’sdunzo, RIP Marina.

Verse 5: “I’m your carnal flower, I’m your bloody rose/ Pick my petals off and make my heart explode”

Means: Carnalflowers are white, bloody roses are red AKA she’ll be your angel or your devil *insert sunglass-donning emoji*

Or: She can be something old and something new to you, either way, she’s getting ready to rock *proceed to insert sunglass-donning emoji *

Chorus: “Living La Dolce Vita/ Life couldn’t get much sweeter/ Don’t you give me a reason/ That it’s not the right season/ Babe I love you a lot/ I’ll give you all I’ve got/ Yeah you know it’s true/ I’ve been saving all my summers for you (x2)/ Like froot (x2)”

Means: Alright, life is good rn, and it’s time for me to give myself to you, don’t you DARE say it’s not time because IT’S TIME.

Or: Life is still good rn, so good that she's going to put EVERYTHING into this frooty-tooty era. YAS, girl.

Verse 6: “Oh my body is ready/ Yeah it’s ready (x2)/ Foryour love”


Shame on this dude for doing this to her. I mean, she must have saved A LOT of summers to be feeling like this... Unless she's talking about taking her time devising her plan for total pop-music domination?! Regardless of which side of your noggin' you used to interpret the track, one thing not lost in translation is that this song is going to be a hit.

The Greek-Welsh bombshell is musically unpredictable. From her first album to her most recent works, the Tumblr-famous musician has done it all. Let's rewind for a hot sec, shall we?

A First Time For Everything


Marina's first studio album, The Family Jewels, varies greatly from her second studio album, Electra Heart. Released in 2010, TFJ was more of an indie-pop album with a much different sound than what was popular at the time, such as Drake’s “Thank Me Later,” Rihanna getting “Loud,” and the Biebs with “My World 2.0.” This album included fan-favorites such as “Oh No!” (which has an amazing music vid, btw), “I Am Not A Robot,” and personal favorites, “Mowgli’s Road” and “The Outsider.”

Pop Goes My Electra Heart


Years later in 2012, with “Electra Heart,” Marina’s super-duper optimistic-yet hopelessly in love alter ego, was born. This girl can’t catch a break, I mean one minute this boy is making her feel radioactive and like “neon gold” and the next minute he’s loving some other chick and giving her the boot. Poor Electra. Despite the trouble in the love department, this is the album that really got Marina some serious name recognition, most likely because of the electro-pop vibe, which was increasingly becoming popular back in ’12. The tour for this album even featured support from Icona Pop and Charli XCX, both of whom are now major acts themselves. “Electra Heart” included basic-bitch anthems “Primadonna,” “How to be a Heartbreaker” (THANKS FOREVER 21!!!), and other hits such as an oldie, “Radioactive,” “Teen Idle,” and personal favorites, “Lies” and “Valley of the Dolls.”

A Common Thread


The one thing these albums may have in common (moreso the last two) is this one loose yet cohesive story about a young woman and her stages of love. She has gone from love to sex in a matter of three albums. Who knows what unforsaken road she will take us down next?

Do you think Marina is giving us all she’s got with “Froot?” Will you save all of your summers (or at least your pennies) to buy her next album, or has the death of Electra Heart still got your heart crushed? Let us know in the comments below.