33 Things You Probably Googled in Middle School

quotes-about-life-62 (1) I’ll be the first to admit middle school was a confusing time for me. One minute I was an “emo” kid who solely shopped at Hot Topic and the next I was Googling ‘Juicy Couture Velvet Jumpsuit.’ I was competitively mean, slightly overweight, and quite frankly I didn’t know which way was up.

Our primary concerns in elementary school are praying that Italian dunkers are for lunch and making sure Sean doesn’t steal our favorite swing at recess. The only time we really had to stress was when our math teacher put a sheet of paper in front of our faces and told us to finish every problem before the rest of the class. (Side note: I still don’t understand how or why that game was so popular among elementary teachers and am fairly certain it’s the reason most people convulse every time they hear the word “deadline.”) But of course, all good things must come to an end. Come sixth grade, the dreaded transition into adolescence finally approaches and we apparently have to start figuring “it” out.

In an effort to figure “it” out, us middle schoolers decided we had to know everything about everything yesterday. And thanks to our the World Wide Web’s most handy search engine, we could find all the answers in just one click of a button. The Internet, as per usual, solved all of our problems. Sure, we we’re still disgusting seventh graders who brushed their teeth maybe once a day, but at least we knew what a blumpkin was.

Let's be honest, you probably Googled at least half of these things in middle school.

  1. how to get a boy to like you
  2. do boys like nose piercings?
  3. Hollister coupon
  4. how to get seaweed salad out of your braces
  5. which hole is my vagina?
  6. should I dye my hair brown
  7. Hayden Panettierre side bang photos
  8. how to make out
  9. Harry Potter release date
  10. best AIM profile layouts
  11. can you see a pad through pants?
  12. Limited Too Velcro skirt
  13. average penis size
  14. when to worry if you haven't had your period
  15. porn
  16. what is a dildo?
  17. how to tell your crush you like them without actually saying it
  18. how much does the pink razor cost?
  19. can vodka sauce get you drunk?
  20. Jonas Brothers tour dates
  21. is pasta healthy?
  22. boobs aching
  23. what is a blow job?
  24. iPod mini colors
  25. cute AIM profile pictures
  26. what do you when your parents are ruining your life
  27. inspirational quotes
  28. how many days can I fake sick without getting in trouble?
  29. Pamela Anderson boobs
  30. naked girls
  31. MySpace top friends
  32. how to masturbate
  33. what is a clitoris?

Truthfully, I don't know how much I learned in middle school. I never did summer reading and I wasn't much of a fan for science. My best teacher honestly may have been myself. I taught myself most of the important, "need to know now" kind of stuff. I shaped my own mind. And let's face it, if it weren't for my online efforts outside the classroom, I may have never known where Rupert Grint grew up, and that would've been a real tragedy in the field of education.

"Life is about change, sometimes it's painful, sometimes it's beautiful, but most of the time it's both." Lana Lang from Smallville said that. Thanks #27.