4 Shots to Up Your Fashion Instagram Game


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"I only got 10 likes in the last five minutes, do you think I should take it down? Let me take another selfie.” Those are some wise words from the popular The Chainsmokers song #SELFIE, and really could not be a more accurate depiction of how much social media consumes our lives in the Digital Age.

Instagram has become a global platform for people to share their interests and passions for everyone to see. This is certainly reshaping the whole fashion industry as it is a tool many fashion bloggers utilize to brand themselves. These fashion Instagrammers are getting hundreds of thousands of likes on their photos, so what exactly are they doing right?

It's all in the kinds of shots you use to take your #OOTDs (outfit of the day, duh), and Jerk is here to teach you some tricks to take better fashion photos on Instagram. You’re welcome.

1. The “candid mid-walking I’m not even looking at the camera” shot

Everyone knows this shot, and everyone does it (don’t shake your head, I see you). No shame in these types of shots, though — they actually make for great fashion Instragram photos that showcase your entire outfit. Make sure to stand in front of a clean and plain background so that your outfit stands out in the photo. Whoever is taking the photo should snap many shots in a row so that you can go back and pick the best one. This also allows for more candid shots that are mid-action, which always makes for a great fashion photo.

2. The "basic #OOTD mirror selfie" shot

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This one's self-explanatory, do I really need to say more? This shot is best when you want to show your whole outfit but you’re too embarrassed to ask your friends to take an #OOTD shot of you. Please make sure the mirror you are using isn’t dirty and that there isn’t other people or things in the frame to avoid any distractions. Angling your phone downwards and taking the photo from a higher angle will allow you to capture your whole outfit and also make you appear thinner and taller in the image. Snapping this shot using the side volume button will also allow the photo to be more natural since your hands won’t be awkward, and we all know how much of a struggle mirror selfies can be.

3. The "below the waist" shot

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This shot is taken at an angle from top to bottom, focusing on your lower half. Many fashion Instagrammers use this shot when they want to emphasize the pants or shoes they are wearing. You can even leave one hand in there to show off your arm candy. To make this photo work, you need to follow a couple guidelines: Angle your phone downwards above your head, and again, use the side volume button to take the photo. Make sure you are using the selfie camera so you know how the photo is looking.

4. The “organized mess” shot

All in a Sunday morning's work: updated portfolio, updated phone, updated swim.

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One of my favorite shots of all time because literally all fashion Instagrammers do this shot and it looks so effortlessly artsy. First, find a background for the photo that correlates to the color scheme of your outfit. Then, lay out your outfit on the background in a messy yet organized manner. The trick is to not make the photo look too staged since this shot is supposed to look candid.

From your iPhone to the fashion platform, many fashionistas are gaining followers and generating likes by utilizing some of these fashion shots. Is your Instagram game on fleek? Show us your best fashion shots by tagging us on Instagram @jerkmagazine or tweet at us @jerkmagazine!

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