4 Ways to Rock Arm Candy


Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 10.08.02 AM Arm candy: the essential puzzle piece to completing an outfit. It brings out the glam and bling to elevate your look to a new level of sophisticated. Accessories like watches, bracelets, and bangles more can immediately make or break your image. In Kylie Jenner’s case, above, her accessories may have given her a bad image already. The Kardashian klan member has shown off her stacks on stacks of Cartier bracelets around her wrist on her Instagram, which is basically our college tuition #casual.

Each Cartier “Love” bracelet is estimated to cost about $6,600, so that times six is…you do the math. Yup, that’s $39,600 on her wrist right there. What the actual fuck? You have to admit, girl’s got some cute acrylics though.

You don’t have to drop almost 40k to look as good, however. There are so many ways you can style your accessories to make them appear more expensive than they actually are. Instead of going out to buy a bunch of high-end accessories, you should consider some of these ideas for affordable arm candy for college students #studentloans, amirite?

1. Stack your favorite watch with some bedazzled jewelry to amp up the look. When playing with accessories, make sure to not wear ALL rose gold or ALL silver ones, because that shit looks ratchet. The gold chains make the arm candy more feminine and playful, perfect for college fashionistas. Make sure to balance the colors out with different combinations of gold, rose gold, and silver accessories.

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2. This one is bold and makes for a statement arm candy look, suitable for casual occasions. The punk element definitely gives it more edge and personality. If you are someone who is quirky and loves to stand out, this arm candy combination will definitely be a head turner.

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3. This one is for all my boho chic girls out there. Hipster + Hipster = High fashion. Go for some turquoise jewelry to sport a more high-end, luxurious look. Geometric shaped arm candy can also grunge up your look and make you that unique, edgy girl. Not only is this arm candy perfect for a casual brunch date with your girlfriends, but even a romantic dinner with your boo thang.

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4. This arm candy is a more masculine take on the previous boho chic example. A perfect unisex combination, the stacked accessories and watch make the whole look more ethnic and androgynous. The myriad of colors in this combination and Buddha face add more life to the arm candy.

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