4 Taboos of Instagram


11_14_RealTalk Instagram is a wonderful place full of pretty pictures of food and cute guys. It’s also a place where you can pretend like you’re having an amazing life, even though it’s November and you’re definitely struggling (how am I supposed to finish everything by the end of the semester again?).

Despite Instagram’s perfect platform for sharing photos with the ones you love and the creeps that you for some reason accepted, it has its downfalls. Below are the top Instagram no-no’s that people need to stop posting.

1. Too many selfies. We get it, you’re flawless. But even I get tired of looking at pretty people’s faces on my Instagram feed. A selfie a day does not keep the doctor away. Instead, it keeps people rolling their eyes as they see yet another close-up of you on their Instagram feed. Honestly, one selfie every couple of weeks is enough — and no duck faces, but that should go without saying.

2. Throwback Thursday on Monday night. It’s called Throwback Thursday for a reason. Some people post Throwback Thursdays early, because “they can’t wait.” The great thing about Throwback Thursday is that it happens every week. You only have to wait seven days in between to post the next one. And don’t try to create your own day for it, because that’s how Flashback Friday happened.

3. Documenting your whole night. I know you’re having a greaaat time and you want everyone to know it, but don’t use Instagram as your personal scrapbook. Posting several pictures of your night only clogs up people’s feeds. The best thing that was created for people who have IPCA (Instagram Picture Choosing ADD — this is a real disease) is photo collage apps. Put all those pictures that you can’t choose from into a collage and call it a night.

4. Man Crush Monday of your boyfriend every week. You have a boyfriend. You love him. You think he’s cute. But, posting him as your Man Crush Monday every week gets old really quick. Now, posting a photo of an approved celebrity is perfectly fine. Ryan Gosling shirtless as a man crush Monday every week will never get old, and that’s a fact.

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