4 Ways to Style Leggings Without Looking a Slob


wry_TlKqnEMHNLWUmZm1nQP0B6FeoNhQHJ3fG7UayLw Every girl has had this thought process: “Fuck it, I’m just gonna wear leggings todays.” Wearing leggings can be comfortable and slimming, but can also be a major fashion faux pas when worn the wrong way. Leggings are infamous for being the signature “pants” of basic bitches — don’t be one of those girls.

Another pet peeve I have with leggings is printed leggings. They make me cringe when the print is spilled across the pants, and it’s so not stylish. Go with a dark tone legging to play it safe, but also look into leather or velvet just to keep the look interesting. Wearing leggings can also expose your ”danger zone” if you not worn correctly. #HideYourCamels. Here is our guide to wearing leggings without looking like a lazy slob:

1. Sporty chic


Going off of the sporty vibe leggings already give off, pair your leggings with an oversized jersey or mesh top. With the sporty chic, normcore trend still very fashionable, leggings help give the outfit a little more feminine edge. Going with a legging that has some shine to it will also elevate your outfit by making it stand out more.

2. Blazer


Pairing a blazer with leggings is probably one of the easiest and most put together pairings you will get when you style leggings. This look is perfect for those days when you want to look sophisticated but not too dressed up. The ease of the leggings balance out the rigid, sleek look of the blazer. Going with a blush tone blazer will also make the outfit more feminine and less formal.

3. Patterns and textures


Investing in a pair of leggings that is patterned or textured can be tricky because it is always a hit or miss. You can never go wrong, though, with a black leather or velvet legging because they will go with anything and everything in your closet. They are also perfect for colder temperatures when you can’t bring yourself to wear pants. Textured leggings are perfect for outfits that are more monochromatic and muted because they make the outfit not so one-dimensional. The leather or velvet material will make the outfit stand out and elongate your legs even more.

As mentioned earlier, loud patterned leggings can instantly “ratchefy” your outfit so make sure you are picking patterns that are flattering and trendy. Otherwise, these printed leggings will make your outfit appear to be too junior or costumey. Printed leggings can give your plain outfit more personality and wow factor.

4. Cozy, not lazy


Pairing a chunky knit top with leggings is another no-brainer. This cozy look will keep you warm and stylish at the same time. This combination will also make you look extremely skinny with its top-heavy style. You girls know the drill.

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Photo at top by Adham Elsharkawi

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