4 Ways to Wear Turtlenecks and Mock Necks


Before-Christopher-Kane-by-STYLEDUMONDE-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_MG_29051-700x1050 Turtlenecks have long been one of your grandma’s favorite staple pieces, and recently, they have become all the rave as a retro and stylish statement comeback. They make great layering pieces for colder weather if you're trying to go for the effortless chic look. Turtlenecks have so many different variations and have become an essential piece in every girl’s wardrobe. People often confuse turtlenecks with mock necks, but the two are completely different.

Mock necks are a spinoff of turtlenecks, just more casual and less structured. The neckline goes just above the collarbone and creates a less restricting look compared to turtlenecks. They are appropriate for warmer climates but can also work as a layering piece. Mock necks also have a wide range of variation when it comes to style, and can be cropped, ribbed, sleeveless, or worn as a dress.

Turtlenecks and mock necks are a big part of winter fashion because they keep you warm and make your outfits on point when styled right. Here are some ways to truly rock them:

1. Chunky knit with denim


If you're going for a casual yet put together look, this ensemble is perfect for those days when you want to look cute but not try too hard. Pairing your chunky knit turtleneck with simple denim will elevate the whole outfit by making it sophisticated and classy. The exaggerated neck of the sweater also brings out more structure in the outfit and dresses up a very toned-down outfit. Just look at how Kate Moss is killin’ it.

2. Turtleneck with bodycon skirt


A loose-fitting oversized turtleneck will look great with a bodycon skirt when going for that more dressed up, corporate bitch look. The form fitting skirt will accentuate your hips and hug your body in order to highlight your curves. The looseness on top from the turtleneck will be balanced by the tightness on the bottom.

3. Mock neck with high-waisted pants

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This pairing is basically mock necks 101. Every girl has done this outfit and it just works so well. This outfit elongates your body like no other, and makes your overall frame slimmer. Basic mock necks are so versatile and easy to pair with high-waisted pants that it makes sense to put the two pieces together. This outfit exposes only the midsection of the stomach, making it not too revealing or provocative for everyday wear.

4. Mock neck with skater skirts

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Skater skirts give an outfit more edge and personality, the perfect mix between a tomboy edge and a feminine softness. Similar to the concept of number 3, mock necks paired with skater skirts will also slim down your body and flatter your figure. This pairing is appropriate for all body types and is easy to put together. However, it is more suitable for warmer temperatures unless paired with leggings or layered with coats.

Now that the differences between turtlenecks and mock necks are clarified, what do you think of this revived trend? Show us how you rock them by tagging us on Instagram @jerkmagazine.

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