5 Denim Jackets to Rock This Spring


DENIM_MAIN There aren’t many fashion pieces that can go with literally everything in your closet other than a basic moto jacket or a little black dress. Denim jackets are among one of those staple pieces that effortlessly make your outfit more laid back and casual. The reason why denim jackets are so popular is the rawness of denim that just exudes a vintage '90s vibe.

Denim jackets may have been tacky when you were growing up (yep, I still have my Gap logo denim jacket from middle school, #noshame), but like many other retro trends that come and go, they are definitely making a comeback in the fashion industry. The denim jacket, however, is here to stay. With summer just around the corner, denim jackets are perfect as a stylish cover-up for the chillier nights out with your girlfriends. This timeless staple will remain in your closet for many years to come because they gradually tailor to your body as they age with wear.

Looking for the appropriate fit and style that is flattering on your body, however, can be hard. We've compiled a list of five denim jackets that will cater to every body type and style.

1. The Oversized Denim Jacket


This wash, fit, and style is everything a standard denim jacket should be. The classic, oversized fit will complement every body type with its old school style. Throw this jacket over a floral romper for a casual summer day outfit. You can also transition from day to night by dressing this little number up with a maxi dress for an effortless night out outfit.

2. The Faux Fur Denim Jacket


Adding fur to any outfit will immediately class up your look and make you ooze sophistication. This jacket is perfect for nights when you want to bring out a more revealing dress, as the fur will keep you extra warm. Plus, the wash of this is a little different from traditional denim jackets. Throw this over a plaid maxi dress with some strappy boots or sandals for a boho chic look.

3. The Cropped Denim Jacket


This denim jacket, though it may look like a bleached wash, actually features a true blue. Light wash denim like this is pretty rare and hard to style. The cropped fit of the jacket makes it versatile and feminine. Cropped clothing accentuates your body and makes your proportions more flattering.

4. The Distressed Denim Jacket


This denim jacket is one of my favorites. I love distressed clothing in general because every item is handcrafted and subsequently looks unique and one-of-a-kind. There are no two distressed denim jackets that will ever be exactly the same, so every one of them has its own personality and features. For a grungy, IDFWU look, pair this badass with an all black ensemble to show your rebel punk rock side (or pretend like you have one).

5. The Denim Biker Jacket


Biker jackets are usually made with leather which is what makes this piece so interesting. The edginess and hardness of the biker style is softened by the denim making this jacket a daytime staple. Pair it with a sexy cropped top and a pencil skirt for a revealing, yet, tasteful outfit.

Photo by Adham Elsharkawi