5 Ways to Switch Up Your Winter Hat Game

Taken from https://www.instagram.com/p/BCsaLsFH-jI/ When the weather drops below 30 (a.k.a every other day), it’s all too easy to head over to the bookstore and nab a 'Cuse-themed hat to keep you warm. No offense to Otto—while those orange and blue hats are adorably school-spirited, they’re not exactly pinnacles of fashion either. If your sole purpose in wearing a hat is to combat the cold, then by all means stick to the bookstore. If you’re in desperate need of a little ~flair~ during the next few weeks, look no further than this article.

Ranked from reasonably accessible to a bold, outerwear endeavor, here are five ways to switch up your winter hat game.


These are an indisputable winter favorite, plus they go with everything—dresses, sweaters, you name it. Whether you sport the classic Carhartt or the hipster Neff, your beanie will add a touch of casual cuteness to any ensemble. Pair it with a turtleneck, or even a crew neck sweatshirt to effortlessly look and feel cozy. Don’t be afraid to experiment, either. Beanies come in all sorts of knits, colors, and sizes. Personally, we like them as slouchy as they come, but there’s a veritable cornucopia of hats out there; make sure you pick the one that fits you.

Bobble Hat

TREND ALERT: Spotted all around campus lately are bobble hats, also known as glorified beanies with a fluffy ball of fur/fabric adorning the top. These hats are fun and flirty and can add a sassy side to any ensemble you choose. I think of them as the average beanie’s trendier cousin, with the fur accent making you look a bit more bougie. The two hats can be worn with the same clothing, but the bobble hat always adds that extra “pop.” Bobble hats pair especially well with vests, over-sized sweaters, and distressed jeans; swipe on a polished matte lipstick and you’ve got yourself one killer outfit.

Wide-brimmed hats

These hats happen to be my personal favorite, because they add edge to any outfit. Just look at Taisa Farmiga from American Horror Story, Coven; her character Zoe went from being an innocent, pig-tailed cardigan enthusiast to a full-blown bad bitch, all thanks to a wide-brimmed hat. Her baggy t-shirts suddenly looked casual chic and her head-to-toe black ensembles got an extra vampy kick. Wide-brims keep you warm while giving off an effortless, classically chic vibe. Pair one with a cute dress, knee-high socks and booties, and you’ve got yourself a Zoe Benson-worthy outfit. Just make sure you leave the hat at home when it’s windy out, because ‘Cuse weather is cruel and won’t hesitate to blow it right off your pretty little head.


To all my ladies in the place with style and grace, trade your ‘Cuse cap for a fresh French beret. For the record, I’m not talking the about stereotypical caps that are often visually paired with baguettes, striped shirts, and twirly mustaches. A true beret can elevate any look you have on, whether it’s a simple cardigan and v-neck or a cozy sweater and scarf. Pair it with a cape and you’ll really look à la mode—somebody call Anna Wintour, we’ve got a fashionista up in here.

Ushanka (Furry Russian Hat)

If you’re feeling bold (or really cold) then this furry masterpiece of a hat is for you. A common status symbol representing absurd wealth in movies, Ushankas are fierce, fabulous, and definitely warm enough to keep the icy chill of Snowacuse at bay. Pair this bad boy with a swanky pea coat and refined gloves, and you’ll soon be the fashion icon of campus hill. Hey, if it’s good enough for Jay Z, it’s good enough for you. Rock that furry Ushanka and show the world your inner King Hov, copy?