The 10 Best Study Spots On and Off Campus

Taken by Erica Mack Spring Break is almost here! As teachers inevitably see this as an invitation to pile on work for the coming week, we know you’re about to be swamped with papers and tests. You’ll check your planner and trudge to the library or team room, and unless your friends are already there, you’ll more than likely spend precious productivity time pacing the aisles of books looking for a seat. You may finally find a sweet cubicle spot on the 4th Floor, only to realize 50 minutes later that there isn’t an outlet in sight.

Luckily for you, we’ve checked out some more practical study options for the impending midterm season. Follow our guide and don’t let the place you post up get in the way of your studies (or time on Snapchat).

Eggers Undergraduate Study Room

Located in the basement of Eggers (Floor 0, actually) the Eggers Undergraduate Bay is one of the finest little-known spots our institution of higher learning has to offer. It features couches, a printer, small breakout study rooms, a complementary charging station, and sometimes free coffee and refreshments. Future policymakers and anthropologists of the world would prefer to keep this subterranean gem to themselves, but you’re free to come hang.

Goldstein Dining Center

If you’re an athlete or have lived on South Campus before, this one won’t be special to you. However, for North Campus kids who have only ever ventured up past Small Road for Juice Jam and maybe an obligatory Tennity Ice Rink trip: you need to try Goldstein. It’s Schine-Meets-Kimmel-Meets-Wow-This-Is-Much-Better-Than-Anything-On-Campus, and there are tons of open tables to do work at. Plus, restaurants like Burger King, Sbarro, and Dunkin’ Donuts make the bus trip out that much more worth it.

Haven Study Lounge

Not all lounges are created equal. The newly-renovated top floor of what used to be Haven’s Dining Hall (who knew!) is a stunningly vibey atmosphere with 180 degree views of Walnut. Tables line the outer and inner perimeter, and mostly all of them have an outlet or two.


Remember being in high school and going to Panera thinking, “Wow, I could probably do homework here.” Me neither, but there’s an awesome Panera equipped with a fireplace and self-serve coffee station only a 10-minute drive from campus. If you’re looking to get away from Syracuse to really focus, head down to Fayetteville for some broccoli cheddar away from the hustle of the rest of your classmates.

Eggers Cafe

Bringing its building back to our list with a dope view of campus and lots of tables with outlets, the Eggers Café offers one of the only SUpercard-friendly sandwich vendors on the eastern portion of the quad. Plus, it’s always quiet and you’re usually guaranteed a seat. Finding this spot is a little difficult, so consult the maps placed around Eggers to find your way up.

Hendricks Basement

A hop, skip, and a jump away from some of the best coffee on campus (People’s Place), the basement of Hendricks is a charmingly quaint study atmosphere right on campus. If you’re heading there during your break between classes, there’s also usually some sort of free food available.

Unique Tea House

I hadn’t tried Boba Tea until very recently, and it is life changing. Combined with efficient workspace and not a lot of other humans around, Unique Tea House on Marshall makes for a great study spot if you’re in a bind.

iSchool Lounge

Little known to those who are inept in the technology sphere, the iSchool has a lounge upstairs with some private rooms and a little kitchenette area. People who don’t know how to code aren’t aware of it, making it a super chill place at which to do some work.

Recess Coffee

Unless it’s a Friday or Saturday with the morning hangover-rush, Recess is an adorably off-the-grid solution to the traditional Kubal or Starbucks woes. This alternative coffee shop just off Westcott has everything from avocado bagels to avocado bagels (isn’t that everything?). Try posting up early in the morning and people watching for the remainder of the day. Booths

Ha, kidding. But good luck if you can actually get one, those things are golden.