6 Unusual Fetishes That Are Actually Real


full If there’s one thing that everyone can agree on, it’s that people can be very strange creatures. But there are some people in this world that go beyond the typically "normal" weird that is in most of us. Some people get off on envisioning themselves as a large, stuffed animal, while others get off on seeing humans acting like furniture. Some can’t even hide their boners walking through clothing stores, because those mannequins be lookin’ too damn fine. For your entertainment, and perhaps sexual pleasure, we present several of the most surprising fetishes out there. And, believe it or not, they are not as uncommon as you’d think.

1. Agalmatophilia: When a naked mannequin or statue is so much sexier than a real-life human. Also known as “object sexuality,” this fetish for mannequins, statues, and dolls makes the person go wild for any inanimate object that is modeled after humans. In their sexual fantasies, they’re more likely to envision a real person transforming into a motion-less doll than a doll transforming into a real person. I mean, what can be sexier than rubbing your genitals against cold, hard plastic?

2. Forniphilia: When sitting on a person who’s on all fours, as if they are a chair, is extremely erotic. This odd fetish is a form of BDSM where the dominant partner is turned on by using the submissive partner as furniture. They may have their partner facedown, posing as a table, or perhaps laying down, forming the perfect ottoman. Keep this fetish in mind when you’re feeling lazy and/or missing some furniture, because it only makes sense to have someone act like your couch.

3. Autoplushophilia: When wearing a full-body plush animal costume, and becoming that stuffed animal, is inherently sexual. This takes anthropomorphism, or the personification of animals, to a whole new level. Known as “furries” in the kink community, they dress up in plush animal costumes and try their best to become that animal. There is an entire culture of furries, and they have regular “mating” meet-ups to have sex that they call “yiffing.” Furries become so invested in this interest, that it becomes an everyday part of their sexuality. It might just sound like that time you practiced kissing on your largest stuffed animal as a kid, but it's a legit thing.

4. Paraphilic infantilism: When putting on a diaper and being treated like an adult-sized baby is sexually appealing. This one brings a whole new meaning to daddy complex. Infantilists would probably love for someone to put a diaper on them, feed them baby food, and and then proceed to burp them. It's in their deepest, darkest fantasy to regress to infancy and make anyone their caretaker. They are likely to keep a stash of baby paraphernalia — diapers, bibs, bottles, binkies, baby toys — hidden away in their closet for their next sexcapade. Because everyone knows that nothing says “time for sex” like some very convincing baby talk.

5. Exhibitionism: When it’s only sexy if the genitals have been exposed to a stranger. This may sound like a normal inkling, but exhibitionism as a fetish goes far beyond full-mooning or sex in public. These people only can get sexually aroused if they are showing off their sexy bits in very public places. If this sexual deviant’s dick is out in the comfort of a normal bedroom, that dick will be soft. Bring that penis out into the world, anywhere that it could horrify an innocent stranger, that thing will become hard as a rock. This fetish actually becomes a societal problem. But if risking being arrested for indecent exposure every time you hope to get off doesn’t sound like the right stuff to you, you’re probably in the clear with this fetish.

6. Psychrophilia: When extremely cold air touching bare skin and watching others freeze is beyond arousing. Getting cold is all they need to prepare them for an intense sex session. As long as they know that their partner is feeling that cold, too, getting aroused is no problem for these philiacs. They may enjoy "temperature play," a form of BDSM where couples use ice cubes or ice water as a sexual tools against warm, naked skin. To them, nothing is hotter than subzero temperatures. If they only knew about winters in Syracuse. To a psychrophiliac, chilly ‘Cuse would quickly become Boner City.

Art by Shawna Rabbas