6 Weird Things the Internet Has Given Us


The Internet is a pretty freakin’ crazy place. You can easily go online and find just about anything and everything. Since its conception, the Internet has provided us with tons of insane things to capture our attention and entertain us for days. Whether you’re thankful for these things or not, here’s some of the greatest (and most questionable) things the wonderful World Wide Web has given us. 1. #AlexFromTarget


One word: insane. Apparently a girl simply buying groceries from Target one day casually snapped a secret pic of this Bieber-esque employee, and the damn picture went viral. People are so obsessed with #AlexFromTarget that he was even asked to appear on Ellen. Goes to show the power of the Internet.

2. Rebecca Black

It’s Friday, Friday, gonna get down on Friday. Ahh, such a classic high school weekend anthem. Yeah, it’s a pretty fucking annoying song, but you have to admit, it’s pretty catchy too, right?

3. Grumpy Cat


Poor Tardar Sauce. He’s just a little cat turned Internet celebrity thanks to his constantly frowning face (he has a condition called feline dwarfism, it’s fine). The Grumpy Cat became so famous he’s been featured on the cover of The Wall Street Journal and New York Magazine – not a bad deal! And all for having a grumpy face! (to be embedded)

4. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Can I just say, thank GOD my Facebook newsfeed is no longer being bombarded with these ALS Ice Bucket Challenge videos. I totally understand and admire that it was for a great cause, but damn, those videos were everywhere. You did it, your friends did it, your parents did it, your damn grandparents did it (who even knew they were on Facebook?!).

5. Justin Bieber

You may not remember, but way back in the day, Justin Bieber used to post videos of himself singing on Youtube under the moniker kidrauhl, just like anyone else. He got discovered, became a teen pop idol, and is now going through his downward spiral phase — you know, the usual. So every time you see him on the cover of a magazine or peeing in a bucket, just remember to thank the good ole Internet.

6. Nyan Cat

Who could ever forget the Nyan Cat? Literally, this could be the most dumb and pointless video ever uploaded onto the Internet. But still, it’s just so... awesome. It’s racked up over 114 million views, and never, ever, ever gets old. Enjoy.

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