7 Reasons Why a Little Bit of Lube Can Change Your Sex Life

lubeDesign by Brittany Isdith

Let’s face it, we can think that we are amazing at sex all we want, but the truth is… sex can get a little sloppy from time to time.

Sometimes there is not enough communication between partners. Sometimes your body is just being weird. Sometimes everything is super uncoordinated and uncomfortable. Sex is definitely a heck of a lot more awkward than how it is depicted in movies or on TV.

One way to really, “smooth” out your sex life, is actually something that can be purchased at your local pharmacy. That’s right kids, it’s lube. While lube will definitely not help out your communication problems and general lack of coordination, it will make a huge difference in your sex life otherwise.

  1. Pleasure alone is extremely heightened. You are able to skip over the whole “is she wet enough yet," slash "why am I not wet enough yet," phase. It's a great way to avoid the general problems that usually occur when body parts cause friction.
  1. Sometimes condoms can dry out. All of a sudden, what was once a previously lubricated condom is starting to feel like sandpaper. Lube, yet again, solves this problem. Applying a little bit of lube before the condom is put on can also provide more pleasure for your guy.
  1. In addition to smoothing things out, using lube can prevent condoms from breaking. Less friction means less wear and tear on the condom, which means less chance of it tearing.
  1. No more desert vagina. A lot of women suffer from natural vaginal dryness. This terrible condition makes it nearly impossible to get wet. Pleasure is intensified with just a little bit o’ lube. There is also less pressure on the woman to make sure that she is wet, making sex a little less stressful.
  1. Applying lube can be kinda hot. Well, using lube is a perfect transition to get people to touch one another. Who knows, maybe your rarely successful hand job will be a little more on point with a little lube.
  1. If you’re an individual who’s into anal sex, lube is a thing you might want to invest in. Just a thought.
  1. Spit just doesn’t cut it sometimes. Rubbing spit all over your penis just simply does not work the same way lube does.

For those who have never tried lube, once you try it you will never want to go back and that’s the truth. If you’ve never felt completely satisfied with your sex life, lube just might be the answer to your prayers.