7 Reasons Why Winter Style is the Best

4.BaggySweaterBrace yourselves, winter is here. You know what that means – hot cocoa, holiday music, cold freshmen shivering on their way to DJ’s, and best of all, winter style. There’s something about layering a plaid coat over a wool sweater and thermal turtleneck that makes me feel like I could smoke a pipe while reading a paper by the fireplace in Panasci and no one would bat an eye. Isn’t that really what we all want… or am I just a 75-year-old man stuck in a teenage girl’s body?

That’s the beauty of winter style, though. No matter what passing fads you’ll have to explain to your children one day (cropped bomber jackets and denim mini skirts), fashion reverts to the classics during wintertime. Everyone wants to feel like a 1940s showgirl stranded in a snowy Vermont lodge like Rosemary Clooney in White Christmas. No? Still just me?

Nevertheless, here are some winter ensemble traditions that are here to stay and will make your winter wardrobe timeless and sophisticated.

Over-Sized Sweaters

Blessed be the girl who remembers to wear a baggy sweatshirt to Chipotle. Go ahead, get that extra guac, and why not throw in an extra burrito? There’s nothing like dawning a comfy sweater when getting your comfort food game on. No Chipotle belly to see here, folks.

Fair Isle Patterns

Socks, shirts, long johns, floppy-ear hats, mittens, and more – Fair Isle is the way to go. Like eggnog, Fair Isle is strictly seasonal. Go big or go home and change into something with a Fair Isle print to declare your love for the holidays.

Scarves Galore

Can we just talk about blanket scarves for a minute? They are literal blankets that you wear. It’s like a mobile bed. If you can’t handle the world at the moment, simply duck into your cocoon of soft, fashionable warmth and, ta-dah, you’re instantaneously transported to a woolen escape. Hiding from your responsibilities has never been easier.

Seasonal Makeup

Calling all Pinterest lovers, it’s your time to shine. The thing about winter is that, how do I put this delicately… it ain’t easy bein’ cute naturally. There’s no sun light to give you a golden glow, your hair and skin get dry, your teeth look yellow compared to your cave creature white complexion – it’s rough. For all makeup enthusiasts, this is your chance to get wild. Bring on the plum-toned blush, cherry-red lips, and golden eye shadow that are only acceptable to wear during the holidays.

Tall Boots

Ankle boots have been revered as the “it” boot this year, but it’s time for the classic riding boot to stomp its way back into our hearts and closets. Tall boots elongate legs, look great with just about anything, and more importantly, give us an excuse other than a teacher’s pet-themed party to wear over-the-knee socks.

Obscure Holiday References

“Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal” sweaters are already making their presence known. Keep an eye out for dreidel puns, kinara emblazoned pullovers, and Festivus trees.

Layers On Layers On Layers

The thing about Syracuse’s campus is that the buildings never seem to understand what time of year it is. You leave your freezing dorm room and sit in an overheated auditorium only to spend your next classes in a lukewarm lab, arctic classroom, and a recitation that appears to be held in the pits of Hell. To bypass the bipolar behavior of Cuse’s air conditioning system, layers keep you looking cool no matter the temperature.

Seasons come and go, but the polaroids of you and your friends in adorably festive attire last forever. Embrace winter style because Mayfest will be here before we know it (and it will most likely still be snowing).

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