9 Things You Probably Thought Would Happen Before Syracuse Made the Final Four

Design by Brittany Isdith Everyone thought it could not be done. No way Syracuse's men's basketball team would get anywhere near the tournament, and certainly not past the first few rounds. Well, in case you haven't seen everyone's Instagrams, newsflash: 'Cuse has booked their ticket to Houston for the Final Four. Tensions are high. Some are elated and some are pretty pissed (probably because their brackets are busted).

Despite how you may feel about Syracuse basketball, it's safe to say everyone is shocked that this happened. Here are nine things you may have thought would happen before Syracuse made it to the Final Four.

  1. California sinking into the Pacific.

Say Goodbye to the land of Coachella and kale smoothies.

  1. Chancellor Kent going to castle and shotgunning a beer with everyone.

*Finishes his Natty in 3 seconds*

  1. Finding out that "That So Raven" was based off of a true story.

She’s just an ordinary teenage girl who can casually see the future.

  1. One week of consecutive sun in Syracuse.

They never mentioned on the campus tour that we'd experience four seasons in four days.

  1. Tupac is actually alive

*Comes out of hiding in Cuba and drops a fire new album*

  1. Finding an open table in Bird Library with an outlet next to it.

Definitely buy a lottery ticket if this happens to you.

  1. Meek Mill and Drake ending their feud.

After a lot of tears and a lot of open communication on Twitter, they work through their issues.

  1. Actually making it to your 8 a.m. class.

Does your professor even know what you look like?

  1. Bermuda shorts coming back into style.

My grandma says knee-length is super flattering on me.

The wise and inspirational DJ Khaled once said, “They don’t want us to win.” They don't, but we did. Keep doing your thing boys. Orange is a #MajorKey.

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