A Beginner's Guide to Secret Student Discounts


Photo by Adham Elsharkawy Cash rules almost everything around us, whether we like it or not.

Even my fortune this week was about money. “Money… sometimes it costs too much." It may seem like a simple, redundant fortune, but on a deeper level it actually has some substance. Your physical and mental health can be at risk when you’re stressing about cash, counting quarters, or over thinking every little purchase you make. However, I have some fantastic news that will rid you of this very worry. I’m talking about the second best thing a college student can hear after “free food." That's right, we're talking about student discounts.

Here's the good news: you can use your student ID for perks other than signing in your fuck buddy after 8 p.m. or getting late night munchies at Kimmel after some lame-o frat party. Yes, we are college students with poor college budgets, but thankfully a lot of our favorite retail stores know that. Don’t get too excited and expect 40 percent to 50 percent off at BCBG, though. This isn’t fantasyland. Nevertheless, these discounts do give us a little something something to help our hearts (and bank accounts) ache a little less when we swipe plastic.

Some stores have different rules regarding student discounts, for example sales that only apply online or in stores. In this case, the company will typically inform you of their policy with a pop up notification. They'll ask you to sign up through the website and include your college email, school, and year of graduation. When it comes to in-store student discounts, most stores are totally cool with just checking your ID at the register.

Other stores have specific days where the discounts apply. So by all means, take advantage of these four years to shop because you will never have this privilege again. I can guarantee you will never see “looking for a job” discounts in the near future.

Here are some of the student discounts you should definitely take advantage of.

Public Desire: Killer shoes (at a low price) and a 10 percent student discount online.

ASOS: 10 percent student discount online for a full academic year.

American Apparel: They may be going out of style, but their 15 percent online and in-store student discount is not.

MissGuided: Trendy, sexy pieces with a 15 percent online student discount.

Club Monaco: 20 percent online and in-store student discount (for all those minimalist lovers out there).

UNIF: Grunge goals with a 10 percent online student discount.

Top shop: 10 percent off in this high-end shop, in stores and online.

Dr. Martens: You can get the Mark Wigan Pop Art Collab (so sick) for 10 percent less online and in stores.

Gypsy Warrior: If you are fall vibin’ your inner gypsy, you can spot the Lost Time Bomber Jacket and any other item for 15 percent less online.

Goodwill: Even Goodwill offers a 20 percent discount for students, but make sure to head over on Tuesday (it's the only day the sale is offered).

The list goes on and on. If your favorite store doesn’t offer a student discount, cover your eyes like a scared little kid and walk your ass directly to the sale section. Try to avoid checking out what’s new (and therefore, probably expensive). In the meantime, check out some of the online stores above… we're all in need of a pick-me-up. Treat yourself.

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