Why You Should Drop Cash to see Cash Cash


Untouchable_AdMat_Tour_Poster_BLUR_SMALL-e1435262705858 2 This Wednesday, November 11, EDM trio Cash Cash will return to Syracuse for their second time with a show at the Wescott theater. Last year, University Union brought the up-and-coming, Roseland, N.J.-born EDM band to Schine Underground as a part of their Bandersnatch concert series, where they played hit songs “Take Me Home” and “Surrender.” This time around, I had the opportunity to speak with with Jean Paul Makhlouf, one of the band members, and he gave me the scoop on the group’s new single and what we can expect for Wednesday’s show.

The trio is excited to come back to Syracuse this week and play The Wescott Theatre, Makhlouf says. Cash Cash is just coming off of a show at New York City’s Terminal 5—a venue you Westchester, NYC, and Jersey kids probably know way too well—which holds up to 3,500 people. “I’m excited to play The Westcott, a smaller venue, because we’re able to party with the crowd and feed off their energy,” Makhlouf says.

Cash Cash will perform their new single, “Devil,” which they have only performed a handful of times. Complex calls it “an incredible mix of modern hip-hop style with some in your face EDM techniques that are sure to have you turnt.” “Devil” features powerhouse vocals from electronic music singer, Neon Hitch. She belts the radio-friendly chorus and confesses, “I been dancing with the devil, he was always good to me, And I’ve been walking in the shadow of a friendly enemy, but now I’m f*ucking broken, living in the moment,” followed by a beat drop and verses by Busta Rhymes and B.o.b.. Cash Cash perfectly crafts the beat of the song to fit smoothly between pop and hip-hop verses.

“I’m excited about EDM merging with pop because vocals on EDM tracks is what keeps music new and fresh,” Makhlouf shares. Lately it seems that many new artists have gained attention because of their friendships with other artists in the industry. EDM duo Krewella have supported Cash Cash, Makhlouf says. “They’ve played a big part in getting us to where we are now.” Krewella released a remix EP called Play Harder Remix, which featured Cash Cash’s remix of the song “Alive,” helping Cash Cash to gain exposure when they first started out in 2012.

So screw the tests and papers you have due Thursday, and hit up Westcott theater for an unforgettable concert experience by a band that’s only going to get bigger.

Click here to buy tickets here for Cash Cash’s concert at The Westcott Theater on November 11th, 2015. Want to get in the mood for the concert beforehand? Stream “Devil” on Spotify.



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