Quick Recap of the Broad City Q&A

Photo by Chris Sechler It was an exciting homecoming weekend for those who wanted to do more than just tailgate with alums. This past Saturday, Goldstein Auditorium was full of fans eager to see Broad City’s Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson. The University Union event consisted of a Q & A with the Comedy Central stars– fans submitted questions through Twitter in addition to questions drafted by UU.

We were all unsure of what to expect. We knew we were going to laugh our asses off, but the real question was "what the hell should we expect from a Q & A with the two of the most sexually-fluid talking stoners on TV?" The answer: fucking real talk.

Glazer and Jacobson kept it real with Broad City ‘Cuse fans, tackling issues like college life, their web series, brunch, and how they got to where they are today. It was weirdly refreshing to hear them talk about topics other than how to get enough money to buy Weezy tickets. First question they were asked was who they were back in college. It was assuring to hear, for those who are freaking out over their major and future, that what they studied and earned degrees in had almost nothing to do with their careers.

Abbi majored in Drawing and Painting and minored in Video at the Maryland Institute College of Arts, while Ilana went to NYU to copy her brother (he went there first), taking classes during the day and practicing improv at night. The duo ended up meeting each other and getting “creatively married” at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater where they were in the same improve group.

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From there, the duo developed the beginnings of Broad City with their web series. When asked if they ever doubted if Broad City would make it, Ilana said, “We got to a point that we blinded each other from the possibility of it not working out.”

They got their shit together when the web series went into its second season. They had a schedule and paid people with “carb heavy pay” (bagels and pizza) as well as $100 dollars here and there (asking for real money made it easier to ask for deadlines from editors and such). While working on the web series, they also were writing a pilot, which they admit was pure crap, but at least they got their “garbage out of their systems.”

When asked about the most rewarding thing to come out of the show, naturally Ilana answered, “the money.” Afterwards, they both spoke about how it's extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to answer shitty questions (by "shitty," they meant ignorant). They talked about how they're often asked how they don't fight and manage to work together. Ilana’s response was, “Ewwww the world still thinks that female leaders bicker. To be women that are running this business is really satisfying.” Abbi added that being women in comedy is not the focus of their work, and that one of the most rewarding aspects for her is when the show finally premieres.

The co- showrunners made it clear during the Q & A that they are not the big chronics, smoking it up all the time in the show as many expect (I did). But, not hitting up MJ all the time doesn’t take away the fact that they are two of the dopiest actors out there. It was cool to get to see another side of them, and still laugh hard.

Here are a few other highlights of the event: Abbi’s hidden talent is that she can imitate a seagull (really well), Ilana’s response regarding her sexual fluidity and how some people say they are filthy was “Women are horny and they want to have sex.” The most iconic quote of the Q & A was when the two joked about being referred to as "poor" in the show. They figure since brunch technically combines two meals, the bougie activity could be considered stingy by some "people."

For those who didn't make it out to the Q & A session, you missed out. And if you ever need more reason to catch some episodes of Broad City, here it is. Go, laugh your asses off and take a break from your serious life.