A Turtleneck for Every Mood


Photo by Chaz Delgado Baby it’s cold outside, and as temperatures drop lower, consider bringing your neckline higher with a nice turtleneck. Wearing scarves can grow tiresome and if you’re prone to losing things but also cold 90% of the time (like yours truly), turtlenecks are your new best friend. Think of it as the scarf/shirt combo that will fend off frostbite and make you look/feel sophisticated AF. Skeptical about whether or not a turtleneck fits your personality? Thankfully, Jerk’s got you covered, as our *experts* have scoured the Internet for some of the best and boldest turtleneck looks. Here are five turtleneck-wearing celebrities that will help you determine your turtleneck personality this winter.


The Drake Turtleneck


The Drake turtleneck says, “I might be a dad, but I’m a cool dad.” It’s perfectly oversized so you won’t get too uncomfortable when you’re busting out your dad dance moves, and it’s baggy enough to hide a dad bod. The Drake turtleneck says, “I might look like a player, but I’m also sensitive,” and although it doesn’t show it, its feelings get hurt when you don’t text back. Side effects to the Drake turtleneck include, but are not limited to: listening exclusively to Drake, increased emotional states, sudden urges to dad dance, and becoming a Toronto Raptors supporter.

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The Steve Jobs Turtleneck


The Steve Jobs turtleneck’s most powerful quality is its subtlety. It’s almost a mock turtleneck that, like its wearer, isn’t flashy, but makes a bold statement in its simplicity. The Steve Jobs turtleneck is perfect for the person who’s looking to dip their toes in the turtleneck ocean without having to jump in, as one might say, neck-deep. Although black is the classic option, the Steve Jobs turtleneck can be worn in a variety of colors (keep in mind though, if you do go for brights and primaries, you risk “The Wiggles” effect).

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The Audrey Hepburn Turtleneck


Probably the most sophisticated turtleneck, the Audrey Hepburn turtleneck epitomizes grace and elegance. It’s the kind of strong and independent turtleneck that you want your kids to grow up into and the type you’d be proud to introduce to your parents. Stylistically, it’s pretty similar to the Steve Jobs turtleneck, but the Audrey Hepburn turtleneck is worn best only in black and can be paired perfectly with black trousers to match. This is the turtleneck you wear if you want to impress someone with your sophistication or trick them into thinking you’re fancy AF. It’s super glam but still super basic (in a good way).

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The Matthew Gray Gubler Turtleneck


This turtleneck is definitely the definition of a real crowd pleaser. It’s your favorite socially awkward FBI Behavioral Analysis Unit special agent by day, but doubles as the equally socially awkward 70’s photoshoot male model man of your dreams by night. It’s imperative that you carry around a deck of cards with this turtleneck because people have to know about your hobby as an amateur magician. The MGG turtleneck looks best in deeper jewel tones which are perfect for fall and winter, and its main attraction is that it knows it’s awkward and doesn’t care who else knows it either.

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The Zayn Turtleneck


This turtleneck’s the bad boy with a secret soft side. It was once part of a group of similar turtlenecks, but now it’s broken free and is happily exploring its career as a solo turtleneck. The Zayn turtleneck is obviously good looking. Like so ridiculously good looking it’s hard to look at for too long, plus, it goes perfectly with virtually anything. In true British fashion, the neutral color looks great under a crisp blazer to easily transition a look from day to night. If you wear it right, it might even get you a date with a model.

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