8 Things You Need Before You Graduate That Aren’t a Job


The #jobhunt struggle is real, but don’t let certain necessities take the backseat as you plow through your college career. raw

  1. The Proper Wardrobe

Sorry kids, but oversized frat t-shirts and Lulu Lemon leggings are hardly gonna cut it in the real world. Even if your post-grad office isn’t too formal, you’ll have to look presentable every day. RIP the days of rolling into class in a sweatshirt and baseball cap. The future holds lunch dates, 3pm meetings, and random charity events. Trade your dirty party heels for some sensible, comfortable black pumps.


  1. Tupperware

The random, mismatched containers and lids in your off-campus apartment aren’t gonna do the job anymore. To avoid going out to lunch every day, get yourself a nice set of plastic containers of different sizes. Maybe even go all out and join the #mealprep movement!


  1. A nice pair of athletic sneakers

Those Nike Roshe’s are super stylish, but it’s time to add something practical and sturdy to your shoe shelf. A pair of running sneakers or cross trainers with supportive arches are essential to kick starting a healthy lifestyle, and if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks on these they can last a few years.


  1. Bar Essentials

Your "wet bar" graduated from your freshman dorm desk to a cute little corner in your apartment, but it’s still not there yet. Invest in some real glasses—yes, not plastic—and some martini shakers, mixers, and proper drinkware. Red solo cups will not be gone forever, you can still use them when barbecue season rolls around.


  1. A Planner

Unfortunately, no more college means no more free college planners. Do your homework and figure out what kind of planner will help you be the most efficient and organized. The good news is, there is no shortage of cute planners out there.


  1. Desk Supplies

You will no longer have a library to run to when you need to staple something, or a roommate you can steal paper clips from. Set yourself up with the essentials, and keep in mind that you will be sitting at your desk and paying bills a lot :/

  1. A big-kid car

Your hand-me-down car that you learned to drive in is safe, and it gets you from point A to point B. But you’re not driving to lacrosse practice anymore, you’re driving to a 9 to 5. Graduate from more than just college this year, graduate from your car. You’re about to start getting that big-kid paycheck, so let yourself get a big-kid car. Like the new Acura ILX, it’s the luxury car a hard-working graduate like yourself has earned.


8. A bottle of champagne.

Because you f**king deserve it.