Active Child "You Are All I See"

By Paul Esposito

Top Track: "Hanging On" Bottom Track: "Call Me Tomorrow" 4.5 Nancies

If you’re familiar with Curtis Lane, Pat Grossi's first venture into dream-pop brilliance, then you’ll remember the half-formed tonal ideas he summoned with a harp and choirboy vocals. You Are All I See is the full realization of these unique sounds, mixing delicate and engrossing soundscapes from traditionally classical textures. Centered around his pristine vocals, Grossi’s tracks focus on intense yearning and desperation, made evident through the emotive instrumentation. Out of the moody offerings are standout pieces like "Hanging On," with its full-bodied choir goodness and "Playing House," a warbly and transcendent R&B slow-jam duet with fellow crooner How To Dress Well. Active Child’s debut full length You Are All I See, although intimate and atmospheric, builds itself into a towering success.