Botany "Feeling Today"

By Maddie Kelly

Top Track: "Feeling Today" Bottom Track: "Agave" 3.5 Nancies

Texas native Spencer Stephenson's first release under the Botany moniker is best described as ethereal. Upon diving into the first track, "Feeling Today," listeners get a sense of Stephenson’s blending of rustic tones and heavenly chimes into a spiritual experience. Each track brings a different mood among the variety of sounds and the rather calming—though brief—vocal samplings. As the name suggests, "Minnow Theme" feels almost aquatic in nature, as if the entire song explores wide-open wetlands. "Waterparker", however, is more fanciful and chipper, existing in a rather abstract realm. The EP flows like a visualization of light beams, and a listen through the whole album easily brightens any atmosphere. As a debut, Feeling Today shines as a simple yet unique fusion of modern electro-pop and the airy tones of nature.