All You Need To Know About Bandersnatch This Year

2.WhatisUUWhether you’re a music junkie or you have a beating heart, Bandersnatch is for you. You’ve probably brushed off the University Union’s Facebook posts that read, “You DON’T want to MISS our THIRD BANDERSNATCH CONCERT of the YEAR!” Yeah, it may not be as exciting Juice Jam or Block Party announcements, but I promise you these announcements are much cooler. Granted, you probably haven't heard of the band that's coming. You may even ask yourself, “why should you care about this Bandersnatch thing anyways?” Well, lucky for you, this article will show you why Bandersnatch is basically a gift from above.

What is Bandersnatch?

For those of you that live under a rock, Bandersnatch is the four-part concert series organized by University Union every year. The concerts are held in Schine Underground, a cozy little venue that gives you ample opportunity to get front and center for the shows. While Bandersnatch concerts often feature low-key bands such as Trippy Turtle and Magic Man, every once in awhile they manage to book some pretty popular artists (previous Bandersnatch veterans include Cash Cash and Chance the Rapper). UU has to go through an extensive process to make these concerts happen. There are budgets to determine, managers and booking artists to call, and lots of schedule finagling to be done in order to pull this thing off.

Why these concerts are the greatest thing since sliced bread?

If you’re anything like me, you had a lot more opportunities to go to concerts when you lived at home. You were probably closer to a city where big name bands and artists would roll through. Chances are you had a car to get to the concerts. Luckily UU brings some of these artists right to all of us.

UU researches the best up-and-coming artists and essentially plop them on your doorstep. Take Wale for example—he came to Schine Underground before he started dominating the charts. You want to the best part about Bandersnatch? Tickets are only five bucks each. After your time at Syracuse ends and you can longer use your student discount for almost anything you’ll also lose the ability to see a kick-ass concert for five dollars too. And if you’re still not convinced that Bandersnatch is the shit, think of it this way: it is a five-dollar excuse to do something cool on a weeknight. So basically, you should be taking advantage of every Bandersnatch opportunity you get.

When is Bandersnatch?

The first Bandersnatch show of the semester is Wednesday, October 7 featuring X Ambassadors, whom you may recognize from that Jeep Renegade commercial (their hit song is called Renegade). Warming up for X Ambassadors is none other than Tribe Society. Sadly if you’re reading this, you’re already too late—tickets sold out the day after they hit Schine box office. Think you can get your hands on a ticket? Think twice. I’d sell you my left arm before I sold you my ticket.

If you're absolutely determined to get your hands on one of these hot tickets, keep an eye out for the assholes that purposely buy extra to sell them to desperate music lovers. There's never a shortage of people looking to steal your money.

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