The Ultimate Rainy Day Playlist

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It’s finally fall season here at ‘Cuse, so start making your devil costumes, take your Instas with pumpkins and get ready for rain. Rainy days at ‘Cuse (aka everyday) bring out the inner middle school emo child deeply rooted in us all.

In honor of the inevitable shitty weather upon us, we've constructed the ultimate rainy day playlist to get you through the gray. Next time you’re walking to class, put your earbuds in and put this playlist on... it’ll be your best walk in the rain ever. *Scene kids rejoice*

1). “Down To Your Soul," Right Away, Great Captain

Although this band’s first couple albums are not on Spotify, their newest album The Church of the Good Thief is. You may know lead singer Andy Hull from the band, Manchester Orchestra. Although Andy’s voice is pretty hardcore in Manchester Orchestra, it’s super soft in Right Away, Great Captain, and with melodies that will borderline put you to sleep (in the best of ways), this band is perfect for a rainy day.


2). “If It’s the Beaches," The Avett Brothers

The simplicity of the instrumentals of this song combined with The Avett Brothers’ raspy, folky voice and adoring lyrics, compliment any yucky mood you may or may not be feeling, and on a similar note, make for an awesome addition to our rainy day playlist.


3). “Sunday Morning” Maroon 5

After Adam Levine hits you with “Sunday Morning rain is falling,” this jazzy Maroon 5 throwback will put you in an (almost immediate) trance that will makes you want to curl up in a ball for the rest of the day.


4). “Born To Die” Lana Del Rey

Lana’s known to have a chronic case of the blues, which luckily for us goes hand in hand with our rainy day vibes. I mean, come on… it would've been wrong to not include her in this playlist. Give her hit song "Born To Die" a listen, below… the song title is a bit of a give away for its not so happy go lucky message.


5). “Skinny Love” Bon Iver

Bon Iver is also a great band to listen to when you’re trying to fall asleep. The mellow vocals of the beautiful lead singer, Justin Vernon’s, are the perfect pre-bed wind down. Make sure to check out the version by Birdy, and all the other awesome covers of the song on YouTube.


6). "First Day of My Life” Bright Eyes

Bright Eyes is inspired by folk music legends like Bob Dylan, and you can one hundred percent hear that in lead singer Conor Oberst’s style and tone. This song is all acoustic, making it great to listen to on a rainy day. Just imagine walking through puddles as Oberst sings “I went out in the rain and suddenly everything changed…" like, woah.


7). “Grey Street” Dave Matthews Bands

"Grey Street" is all grey everything. Plus, while Dave Matthews Band is known to have some unreal jam songs, this one stays pretty mellow while still leaving you with plenty of feels and emotions once Dave delves into the third verse. Like DMB? “Stay or Leave” is great for a rainy day… but cue the tears.


8). “3 AM” Matchbox Twenty

This song is literally about a rainy day. The first lyric is, "she says its cold outside and he hands me a raincoat…" which is followed by the repeated lyric, "and she only sleeps when it’s raining.” Kind of says it all. Plus, it’s a 90’s jam, so you can’t hate.


9). “Thunder Clatter” Wild Cub

The title basically says it all. But the instruments used in the background not only create an unreal beat, but they also sort of sound like a rainstorm (this may be sort a stretch, but I think it does). Expect to break out in your own rain dance when you hear this song come on.

10). “Marvin’s Room” Drake

Time for some Drake feels. Get emotional with Drake in “Marvin’s Room” or “Take Care.” In both songs, Drake really slows it down, unlike his recently released album featuring Future that makes you want to turn up. The slow vibes are great for any dreary day.


11). “A Drop In The Ocean” Ron Pope

This song makes everyone swoooooon for Ron Pope. His soft, silky voice, (similar to Sam Smith in a way) and his romantic lyrics will make you think of the dramatic thunder scene from the Notebook. Guaranteed.


12). “Jesus Christ” – Brand New

Well first of all, Brand New is my favorite band of all time. Second of all, it’s time to get emo folks. With sad lyrics, a simple acoustic guitar melody and a delicate voice, this song may give you the blues… but in the best way possible.


13). “Wicked Games” The Weeknd

Who’s better than the Weeknd to give you your rainy day feels? His smooth, sensual voice and jazzy beats in “Wicked Games” makes for the best Weeknd tune for a rainy day. While Lana’s kissing in the pouring rain, you may be doing the same as long as this song is involved.


14). “I Miss You” Blink 182

No shame… we all love Blink 182. “I Miss You” comes a long way from “All The Small Things," as the retro boy band really mellows out and gets a whole lot serious. The song is a lot darker than their typical jam, making it perfect for those dark, cloudy days.


15). “Thinking Out Loud” Ed Sheeran

Aka our generation’s future wedding song. While most of the other songs on this album are pretty depressing, this one is just simply beautiful. This song has (questionably) the most endearing lyrics of any sappy song to date. It’s the calm and soothing guitar that makes it a perfect rainy day song.


16). “Sunset” The XX

The XX is similar to Lana, in the sense that all of their music is very quiet, low, and seems sort of sad. However, The XX switches back and forth between male and female vocals. Out of all the XX songs, this is my favorite.


17). “Robbers” The 1975

This song is so good. If you don’t know The 1975, they’re an unbelievable band, and while most of their music is very funny and poppy, this one is a lot slower and more sentimental. The instrumental in the beginning will give you so many feels that you’ll have to keep listening, and you’ll end up putting it on repeat for hours. Trust me… when you hear this song, it'll just feel right.


18). “No. 1 Party Anthem” Arctic Monkeys

Despite the title, this is not a song that you’re going to want to listen to at a party. Instead, listen to it when you're feeling (sorry for my language) kind of shitty. The bluesy, jazz snare drums and indie-Brit vocals make this song great for that outdoor drizzle.


19). “Remembering Sunday” All Time Low

Everyone’s favorite pop punk band in middle school (and low key still their favorite band now) is delivering this awesome addition to our playlist. All Time Low slows down their alternative style with this heart-wrenching song, making every girl want to be the person Alex Gaskarth is singing about. “Funny how it rained, all day…”


20). “The Funeral” Band of Horses

Not gonna lie... this song is depressing as fuck. But honestly, it’s the perfect rainy day song. No one will be able to tell if its raindrops or teardrops streaming down your face when you put this song on as you walk to class.


And there you have it. You're officially ready to your October depressions… enjoy.

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