Amplified: Wim

SOUNDS LIKE: Sigur Rós, Bon Iver, Brian Eno WHAT HE JERKS TO: Haruka Nakamura, The Kinsellas, Owen, American Football BEST SONG: "Tsuki Uta/Simple Parasol Dance" WHY YOU SHOULD LISTEN UP: Since buying his first guitar in the 7th grade, the Coatesville, Penn. native has put the independent back in "indie." Perfect for late nights at the library, wim's sound could relax even the most Adderall-induced study sessions. UNLIKELY SOURCE OF INSPIRATION: When he's not finding inspiration in nature or childhood, Nicholas gets his fix from Japanese cartoons and The Legend of Zelda. That's right, you can thank Dragon Ball Z for wim's music. WHERE YOU CAN HEAR HIM: Catch wim's music online for free. His newest album, "Humming Collection" is available at