An Ode to Old School Style


10_16_Style When my friends talk about going to raves to listen to that thumping and irritating EDM stuff, when the guy in front of me won’t wait 20 more seconds to hold the door for me, and when I prefer to swing dance rather than bump and grind, I realize I was born in the wrong time period.

Thankfully, we are experiencing a time in fashion when almost anything goes, but there are still a few old school styles that I wish would become the norm again.

Pin-up Curls These curls aren’t necessarily out of style right now, but I wish this were the casual everyday style to wear. Wouldn’t we all look absolutely ravishing with those flowy and luscious curls? Seriously ladies, we would have men wrapped around our fingers if we always looked that good.

Mary Jane Shoes If these shoes were trendy, every woman could make it through the night without taking her heels off. These shoes strap you in, making it much easier to walk and dance. How else do you think flappers, aka the ultimate partiers, drank and danced all night? I’m looking at you, Daisy.

Made in America Clothing that’s manufactured in the United States has garnered more attention and respect in the last decade, but it’s still not where it should be. Back in the day, clothing labels never said “MADE IN CHINA.. We should be supporting our own economy, and showing the world who the real fashion #boss is by producing and wearing our own clothing.

Off-the-Shoulder Tops This style of top comes and goes, but really, it should stay. What’s sexier than showing off a little collarbone and décolletage? It’s feminine without being ratchet or sleezy.

Head Pieces While floral headpieces have made a comeback in the past few years, I wish I wouldn’t get weird looks for wearing all sorts of headpieces. It’s time that gypsy headpieces, flapper headpieces, floral crowns, and heck why not, actual CROWNS, be considered the fashionable norm. I’m a royal, and I want the world to know it.

Togas Some may argue that the rise of an everyday toga is highly unlikely, but have you ever gone to a toga party? If not, let me explain the benefits of wearing a toga. They’re breezy, versatile, flattering for every figure, inexpensive, and darn it, they’re just awesome. So why can’t we wear togas wherever and whenever we want? Jerk readers, let’s start the revolution.

Glam Party Culture Cuse, if you’re the No. 1 party school, then where are the parties that Gatsby would be proud to attend?! Frankly, college parties in creepy basements with red solo cups and casual clothing isn’t enough for me. I want upscale bar carts, live music, a dapper man to dance with, ladies dressed in outfits that could be featured in Vogue, and an overwhelming feeling of glitz and glam. Too much to ask for? Probably. But hey, I’m an optimist.

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