An SU Student Reflects on Tailgate Season

Taken from There is no greater time to be a student at Syracuse University than during football and basketball season. Nope, it's not because we love our teams (we actually don’t really give a shit about them), it is because we get to tailgate. We wake up, we drink, then we drink some more, we (sometimes) go to the game, and no matter if Cuse wins or loses we drink even more. If getting really drunk and making questionable decisions doesn’t say, “Go Cuse! I hope you kick more baskets then the other team!” then I don’t know what does.

Let's take a look back at some of the questionable things that people saw others doing during tailgates this year.

A girl lighting a paper plate on fire and pretend to smoke it .

Someone thought it was a giant joint and started to chant “Pass that shit!”

“I watched a girl fall into a car at castle and dent the fuck out of it and then walk away.”

It truly was a hit and walk, I hope she left her insurance information.

A mother and her daughter peeing together behind a parked car.

Now this is my idea of a heartwarming story to share with relatives at the next family reunion.

A guy going down on a girl.

I already feel like I want to vomit from all the shitty beer I’m drinking, please stop before I projectile on you two.

Four grown men peeing next to each other, thigh to thigh.

Everybody knows that friends who pee together stay together.

Someone brushing their teeth in the middle of castle.

Hygiene is important, hope they brought their floss too!

A mom chugging out of a beer bong.

*Questions why she ever left college.*

Three girls screaming about how they wanted to flip a car over.

I would pay to see three girls from Long Island with no upper body strength try to flip a car.

Girl plays “Fucking Problems” by A$AP Rocky at a tailgate during parent’s weekend.

Honestly, not the vibe. Glaring at that girl as I cover my seven-year-old brother’s ears.

Though we’re all sad that tailgate season is over, at least we have these memories to think about until we get to make all these stupid decisions all over again next year.