Avicii vs. Aoki: The Ultimate EDM Battle

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Drop what you'er doing and head to Soundcloud, Steve Aoki and Avicii just released new albums.

Although both artists are undoubtedly EDM legends (and the joke goes that all EDM songs sound the same), Avicii’s Stories and Steve Aoki’s Neon Future Odyssey are completely different. Aoki’s album combines his two previous albums, Neon Future I and Neon Future II, and features six new songs at the end of the album. Avicii’s album on the other hand is completely new material.

Which ones better? That’s for you to decide, but we’re here to help you compare the two.


Though Avicii and Aoki are both EDM DJs, the type of electronic music that produce is completely. While Aoki makes more rave-y and songs that you would imagine anytime you see a clip from a music festival or Project X, Avicii has (what we would consider) more "jams,"perfect for belting as loud as you can while alone in your car. Take the popular Aoki song, “Delirious (Boneless)” and then take a listen to the new Avicii song, “Ten More Days.” Both have sick beats, but completely in their own, unique ways. A lot of this has to do with the different artist collaborations that each album has.

Which brings me to my next point...


Aoki’s album focuses on collaborations with artists that are go-to party starters. Most of his collabs are either rappers, alternative rock stars, or other EDM artists. One of my favorite songs on the album, Aoki collabs with Waka Flaka (“Rage the Night Away”) , or the song “Youth Dem (Turn Up)” which features Snoop Dogg. The album also has bands like Fall Out Boy and Lincoln Park, and other producers like Will. I. Am and Flux Pavilion.

The artists featured on Avicii’s album are a lot more mellow. Zac Brown band is the star of the spacy song “Broken Arrows.” “Broken Arrows” is one of my favorite songs with a sort of galaxy sounding beat and lyrics that will give you all sorts of nostalgia. Other artists that Avicii collaborates with include Matishayu and Wyclef John in “Can’t Catch Me by Avicci,” who help give the album an all around good vibe with their reggae voices. Avicii is a pro at choosing vocalists who are indie, folk, or reggae... and we love it too.

Here are some Avicii or Aoki songs you may already know (most likely from the radio).

Avicii: "Waiting For Love," "For A Better Day"

Aoki: "Free the Madness," "I Love it When You Cry," "Delirious"

And here are a few songs you have to check out.

Avicci: “Broken Arrows," Zac Brown makes you nostalgic and wanna groove all at the same time. “Can’t Catch Me,” it’s all about the vibes, and this song sure produces a lot of good ones. “Pure Grinding,” super funky, and sort of seductive as well. It’s very unique and Avicii really has fun with the beats. “Trouble," very similar to the “Wake Me Up” beat and a similar folk voice, except this song is sweeter and whole lot catchier. You’ll love this one. It’s almost too catchy.

Aoki: “Rage the Night Away,” Aoki + Waka Flaka = the most fun song ever. Add this one to your pregame playlist. “Interstellar," you’ll feel like you got transported right into the Interstellar movie, or into outer space at least. Aoki’s beats (while they still make you want to rage) are almost outter space-y. Plus this song is one of his new ones! “Cake Face” is a classic Aoki song. But with a name like “Cake Face” it’s so fun you’ll be compelled to rage anytime you put this song on. This is also new Aoki, along with “The Power of Now” which at first feels like the background music of a soap opera or reality TV show but once you get it into it, it will make ya jump.

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