Bandersnatch's Up-and-Coming Artist Line-Up Came To Impress


Photo by Chaz Delgado What do you get when you throw together a talented SU student who produces his own remixes, a rapper from Atlanta who collaborates with Big Sean, and one of the fastest growing artists of 2016? Bandersnatch.

Francesco Giannini, took the stage first, otherwise known as Ye, pronounced Yea. One might ask….how does one come up with the name Ye? So we asked him ourselves.

“I was talking with my girlfriend about ‘hip’ future bass names and it was kind of a joke based on other people’s names that had like no vowels, all lowercase, symbols in the name, etc.”

Sad news, girls, he’s taken.

Ye. | Photo by Chaz Delgado

Ye opened the show in Goldstein auditorium at 7:45 p.m. He had his laptop and synth board as he played his heavy bass remixes. He opened up with a remix of Outcast’s “Miss Jackson” and the crowd all seemed pleasantly surprised by his talent. Ye sang the lyrics to all of his songs confidently, yet the nerves were definitely there. At one point he stepped away from his synth, put his hands behind his head, took a deep breath, and restarted his song. Anyone in that position would be freaking out. Performing in front of hundreds of peers….yikes. He told us that he was “mad nervous” to perform, but he did a good job for being “mad nervous.”

The crowd started to trickle in more as MadeInTYO’s “hype” man took the stage. Let’s just say “hype man” is an overstatement. Dude comes out wearing an all red Adidas ensemble….who are you? Sue Sylvester circa 2009 in Glee??? Anyway…all he did was play some shitty SoundCloud playlist and yell, “When I say Made In you say TOKYO!” fucking every ten minutes. Yes we are ready for MadeInTYO…get off the stage.

So thirty minutes go by, and finally MadeInTYO comes on stage. And the atmosphere changes. It’s a great time. The sweet aroma of weed inside Goldstein Auditorium enters your nostrils and you know you’re at a rap concert. Tokyo high fives the crowd, everyone sings his lyrics, and it’s a great time.

But let’s just take a moment and talk about Russ. Right after MadeInTYO performs, this guy comes out in full Syracuse garb: orange Nike long sleeve, #44 basketball jersey, ripped jeans, it’s lit. He’s ready. Russ Vitale, who goes by Russ, is a rapper from New Jersey who has recently been signed with Columbia Records. Russ is not only EXTREMELY appealing on the eyes, but his voice is velvety and his lyrics are thought provoking. He is an up-and-comer with several popular singles. If you don’t know him, look up his latest single, “What They Want.”

So if you missed Bandersnatch because you were too busy sitting alone in your dorm room feeling bad for yourself and your lack of a social life, or you were pregaming for a big night out on Marshall, or you were just being studious and doing that homework for next week, you missed out. Don’t worry, though! There are more University Union shows to come!

Photo by Chaz Delgado